Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Piece of Allah’s Beautiful Earth

This piece of Allah’s Beautiful Earth
on which I stood sat danced and raced
played and dreamed and saw a new birth
of life, in a new country so strategically placed;

I saw my family living together
I saw friends separate and gather                     
I saw learning grow and heard music play
I saw trees dry bare and bear the weather;

This Piece of Allah’s Beautiful Earth
 drenched me in happiness
Gave me peace and the art of cleanliness
Filled my heart and soul with memories to cherish
With Love and All Love more, and Hatred less;

Of green and brown and rainbow vibgyor
This Piece of Earth was my Environment
Of trees and flowers and water pure
It provided all good, joy and enjoyment;

This piece of Earth is where the house was built
The house where I woke up to sweet childhood filled
With affection excitement freedom and no guilt
The house where never ever a song was stilled;

No more can I step on it nor walk nor touch the
Sacred Dust , as time ordained to remain on it has passed
How long to stay play lay or pray, one day has to be
The Last ,
 to be aside, to be quiet and to others, give way.

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