Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clouds Gather in The Sky

Clouds gather in the sky
some are dark some light up high
here they come rumbling
wonder why they are grumbling?
raising a storm , hue and cry!
Clouds gather in the sky;

are they showing us a fire?
frowning on a sinful desire?
warning of The Heaven’s Ire?
or  to cool the bonfire?
clouds gather in the sky

I wonder if their thunder

is a song of the celestial choir?
praising the Divine Moist Sapphire,
Dust we see and dust we are
yet the particles conspire
and relieve us from our misery
cooling comfort we do require,

clouds gather in the sky!

I know they come to admire
and blessing us , will soon retire
away to their ocean home entire,

they leave a message , a purifier
be at peace and mercy
be not a crier or a liar
be like us without any fuss
a bold graceful high flyer-

OH Clouds Gather in the sky—

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