Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh what shall I say
of The Hurt
One of many felt
In life, on way,

oh what shall I say
of The Smile
one of many seen
for a flashing while;

Oh what shall I say
of the child
one who went
back to The Lord

Now I know
Why The smile
why The child
hurt me so-

It is for The Lord
we must show
our love and prayer
As 'All' for Him
we must let go'.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I was never with you
but why without you
I feel broken-

Your shared smile
across the screen
was just a token-
and all the while
I waited to hear
words, never spoken-

hearts of stone,
stones of hearts
have become I reckon-

again and again 

deception overtakes
and I am shaken-

O lord Guide me

I am lost

when will I awaken?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Every evening 
I feel heavy,

the rain cries

as I cry- 
the clouds mark
the skies as dark
and so is my day-
and I ask myself-why?

My faith was so strong

where did I go wrong?
where did I err?
How much had I hurt -
I never knew
I never wanted to 
and never would
and I ask myself-how?
will I know

I am forgiven
when there is silence
no word spoken-
and I ask myself- how long?
how long to wait
three days in faith
are ordained and
and then I answer myself?
I am born 
to have no friends
I believe in one
and soon the line ends-
I am born 

   to be deeply sad

what have I done?
is it so bad?
and I ask myself-again
as I feel the pain
Is it all in vain?
where do I begin?

Life line is so thin
two worlds apart
with true feelings
how can I mend 
the broken heart-

Monday, February 7, 2011

Why did you make my life so bright
with your lovely smile and excited talk

why did you share those creative thoughts
that made me think so deeply
why did you ask for words on paper
that slipped through my pen so well
and reached you
why did you tell me about the world in your life
and people who were not sincere
and elders who did not give and care
why did you speak of the future
and that time was wasted
and that nations did not prosper
Because they did not think
why did you make me realize
that hearts are soft and tender
I had closed all chapters and my chamber
I had blocked the torturous world
I had moved behind a wall
and hid myself behind a stall
and clouded myself under a pall
of concentration dark and quiet
But I am now grateful
that you brought life into my life
whatever the reasons
you made bright all seasons
and showered the love that should be
may you too get your dreams true
and happiness surround you
all the way through
you may stand tall and proud
like you brought me from under the cloud
may you too be always shining
like the cloud’s ever bright, silver lining.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Do I Heal ?

How to heal the wounds
I cannot see

How to ease away the pain
Felt so far away from me

How to stop the tears
Flowing like rivers to the sea

How to calm the shivers
Trembling like the leaves

How to soothe away the fears
In the mind so deep

How to touch the heart
With love to make it feel

How to grace the spirit
A form I cannot hold

My helplessness overtakes
I’m still silent and cold

But Hark, who goes there

A smile appears        
from nowhere,

Mona Lisa I forget
As I see I start to care
The wounds begin to heal
the heart begins to feel
the tears begin to cease
the fears begin to ease

I smile back and find
That to love heal and hold
One has to be bold,

Kindly forgiving in the heart
That’s the power
that keeps you warm  

And saves you always
from every harm.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What are we, in Color

What are we in color blue yellow or black
pale brown or purple,
what are we in form ,tall small or short
big huge or fat,
what are we in mind, brave bold or angry
patient loving or mad
what are we in status, kings queens or pages
lords ladies or sages
what are we in real, soft tender and spiritual
dying eternally mortal.

why do we, then make, hate envy and war

why do we then, love and kindness ignore
why of all the prohibited we ask for more

why of Death and Heaven we are not sure.

Pompei Nagasaki Moenjodaro naming the few
Oblivious nations pleasure drenched who knew
Power pressure , public protests day by day new
War, war destruction, torture afresh, yet grew-

We are then, the same born in pain
We are then, the insane , of mind again

Are we the Ungrateful , in loss to remain?
Are we the Lost , Our Eden never to regain?

Let us turn before its too late
Let us learn and try to relate
Let Us think of The Almighty Great

Bow for forgiveness pray and meditate.
I can now see The prism , no color do I perceive
Up on the blue sky , the sun does not deceive
The real is dark , the immortal , white

With All the colors together ,
All Blessings I receive.