Monday, February 7, 2011

Why did you make my life so bright
with your lovely smile and excited talk

why did you share those creative thoughts
that made me think so deeply
why did you ask for words on paper
that slipped through my pen so well
and reached you
why did you tell me about the world in your life
and people who were not sincere
and elders who did not give and care
why did you speak of the future
and that time was wasted
and that nations did not prosper
Because they did not think
why did you make me realize
that hearts are soft and tender
I had closed all chapters and my chamber
I had blocked the torturous world
I had moved behind a wall
and hid myself behind a stall
and clouded myself under a pall
of concentration dark and quiet
But I am now grateful
that you brought life into my life
whatever the reasons
you made bright all seasons
and showered the love that should be
may you too get your dreams true
and happiness surround you
all the way through
you may stand tall and proud
like you brought me from under the cloud
may you too be always shining
like the cloud’s ever bright, silver lining.

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