Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Small Stone for The River-Dewdrops

Pearls on tender petals
leaves and grass,
when Nature breaks,
like bits of glass,
Diamonds, shaped and
cut of 'class-
sliding out of heartaches

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Poem in Response to Poets United Thursday Think Tank ~58~NightTime

The moon lights up
The night sky,
It shines for all
But half the world
Why is it so cool and curled?
Peacefully shining reflecting
The high and mighty Sun,
Now unseen
The heat nowhere,
To be mean
To burn, the green.

Oh the moon so dead
Why so cold so close

Nature shows its extreme
In the coolness and steam
How do we know?
Then, who is misled?

Nature stays supreme
Let us see the silver
And the Gold
And do our best,
As we grow old
Enjoy the moonlit night
While we see the Light
And the Sun, as it
Goes down, to rest.

POETIC OCEANS ~ Scared Obeisances

'Trees with  foliage,
Pray Save the Forest!
silent sat the Kinglet
Shivering offereing
scared obeisances.
Afraid in density
Afraid to move
Afraid to stir
lest the songs reveal
the hidden treasures;

the constant pecking
had a warning tone'
'Let it be known
'Let it be known'
'peck while ye have time'
'life is short, its still thine'
'find the Truth of the pearls'
Collect The Good
before the gun shoots
and the bombs hurl
shattered glass, and
splinters ooze fresh blood,
Twittering songs grew louder
Dawn broke prouder
'Oh Lord save us from
The Fall, Let it be known'
Pray with the bird
The Early Bird
There is a Third
Who comes, the Light
has shown-Let it
be known
The tree heaved
a relieving sigh
As birds began to fly
It seemed a sharp wind
had blown,
High up above
The Message had flown.

A Small Stone~For~ The River of Stones~

Mystic quietude
in the branches
birds are busy
in tender obeisances

A Small Stone~For The River~Missing Words~

Words used, words written,
 words thought, words spoken
words for love,words for peace,
words for friendship taken,
words for war, words for killing
words for ending
relationships ,unfortunately mistaken.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clouds and I 

Get up and
Go outside
A voice calls
I know I have to
look at the sky
I smile as the clouds
smile back
I am water
and so are they
Together we laugh
and cry
Clouds and I

BRENDA WORDLE-14-Fallen Marvels

Poem in Response to Wordle 14~The Sunday Whirl   by Brenda W  
What Greater Expectations than
Great Expectations,
Miss Havisham,
embedded secluded, on dusty
wooden gilded throne,
behind cobwebbed curtains,
Majestic Marvel, First Created,
Sacred, now rests transfixed
in false reprehensions,
As scattered clouds scan
and search terrestial to
celestial dimensions 
blinking intermittant flashes
Only to find twisted torments
blood filled swamps,
whirring swarms of discontents
amidst seas of colorfully placed flowers,
Supreme Sopranos burnt to ashes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Talisman

Everyday I would
nearly collapse
And suffer soon
a feverish relapse
Till one day
I wore something
which turned the tide
and stemmed the taps
It was a green stone
in a golden ring.
I wore the ring
for thirty years
throughout this time
I had my fears,I guess The lord
gave me The Ring
Because He wanted
me to bring
Love care and cover
to parents and siblings,
And I would say
‘it’s the magic parrot
Who holds my life
Though we all know
Who keeps us alive.
And now I know
  And I have seen
How wonderful
Life has been
And I know, I am
The Unknown
Unseen special
Of The Ring,
The Queen.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Small Stone~ for~ A River of Stones~ Aqua Love and Fear

skies ominously dark
warn frighten threaten
storm hail rage as
rivers gush from above-
skies lightly grey
shower and spray
bless and cool
pearls drop from above-

A Small Stone ~ For The River of Stones~Disguised Deception

Return of The Lord Of the Flies

war of catapults no more applies,

poisoned arrows transform amidst
screams and cries, burning iron balls
burst out blood red is the flood
frantic tender lives shocked surprised
stumble and capsize shot to brutal demise
In safety attire a safe disguise
Deceptive Death On Heaven Island

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ghazal 'No Idea ' in Response to WordGathering Tuesday Tryouts — Form: The Ghazal

                  No Idea

‘No idea how am I supposed to take it’
What is expected,how am I to make it?

I don’t know if it’s literal or figurative
I’ve never tried it before, cannot fake it.

I’ve never known anyone so , before
Its regard and love cannot mistake it

Who believes in sincere clear emotions
No time, forget it, its foolish,just shake it.

Life is full of blue wounds and heartaches
My heart bleeds; no more can one break it.

Stars give Light, but reflected from others
Firedrakes breathe it hot, cannot intake it,

Regret not, faces prepare to meet faces
It’s a matter of time, all will undertake it.

Will I ever meet a beloved fair, so rare
Impossible dream, fettered, lyke-wake it

So many die, so few honored, acclaimed
Love a many splendored thing, uptake it.

Of all good deeds do your best Anjum
Let not your spirit die, sing to it, wake it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Poem in Response to Wordle #13

Ominous Pantomimes
startle and disrupt
celestial rhythms,

alarming sacred
emerald flaps
of divine balconies,

creating horrific illusions
of dry bones jostling,

leaving to observation
in the voided vaults,
reflections of
Faustian Legends

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loneliness is a powerful thing
to write about.
No one hears
even if you shout

no one reads
                           there is doubt
Loneliness is a killing thing

lump in the throat

numb and afloat feet
heart sinking and
missing the beat
Loneliness is a depressive thing

It comes in a day
when a dear one is
indifferent and far away
with reasons unknown
what can one say-

Loneliness is a lonesome thing

it stays with the lonely
and makes them sing
when they cannot fly
with their broken wings.

Loneliness is a powerful thing
when it builds patience
when it fills emptiness
when it heals wounds

when it shows colors

when it reveals character

Loneliness is a powerful thing
when it does not come once
when it goes and returns
when it widens distances
when it cools the burns
Loneliness is the absence of response.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

River rushed a-twisting

World went a-buzzing

Thoughts went a-galloping

Instincts fluttered

Fancied whims resisted

Logic stood tall, proud
mane gracefully a-flying

Oblivious of the gathered

arranged painted poem

cruelly critiqued, a-dying.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Green leaves trembling

With the tremors

Shivering with laughter

What do they see?

That makes them murmur
Sweet rustlings

Tender whisperings
Like the twittering
And the flittering
Manifesting Nature
In the green sea;

Waving leaves

Like the waves
Moving the living
And the dead
Spread for miles yet

With limits bound
Trunk so firm
in the ground

But the green
So serene
Silently brave

Taking life’s chance

Continues with the dance

Happy to be, to us unseen

With what, they see around.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

shrill siren sounds

creating panic, hurtling pedestrians

aside, birds frightened burst out

of trees, hordes flying reaching

out in emptiness,

whose limbs were crushed

whose breath was weak

whose life was fading

whose heart was failing

another death in the van

another body in the sand

all cleared soon, the mortal

coil flecked and flossed

The race lost, blood stained

sheets rolled up and tossed

clearing the space ,for freshly pained

shrill siren sounds

Monday, July 4, 2011

I was born
in loss

of law and land
I never saw my home

I grew up with fear
of war and death
I never saw a victory

I carried my first born
in straffing bullets
I never settled at ease
                                                                   I lost a child but
                                                                  so many others did too
                                                                 Life must come and go.

From Loss of little things,
sweets  pencils toys  stencils     
and then it all made sense,

From Loss of love 
of  family and friends
I learnt that what is Lost
was simply never meant  for me,

As`all in Life is temporary 
It was quietly taken away                  
just as it was quietly sent.