Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tis Many Days

Tis many days I have not known
how many hours passed by
where have I spent the time
why am I sad , why do I cry

I have been with Nature
This much I know for  sure
I  hear the birds chirp and sing
injured spirit has found the cure

I have wandered in the skies
 and looked into the sun's eyes
I have seen the colors rise
I feel a little better a little wise

I can write more I will do so
Its the gift of nature as it wants
me to, tell the world, the beauty
the love the wonder the Glow

But first I must be grateful so


  1. It is beautiful and so true in life.I am a big fan of your work.

  2. Just so nice to have the words and the image together. I love the image- I love the words. The hope you find while writing is such a blessing. I am so glad to have stopped by today- xo teri

  3. Thank you Teri I am grateful that I have a friend like you , who encourages me on in life-and makes my writing meaningful

  4. Your writing is so filled with true hope--I am glad that you allow a hopeful heart room to speak, I am glad to listen.