Monday, August 29, 2011

Poem in Response to W Brenda's Wordle ~19~ The Pure Residue!~

Passersby turn, stare
some look some care,

shocked stopped,shot,

people common turn
and turn again,

In no time, blasts sound

painful screams shout in vain

blood stains,blood flows

fills streets smears roads,
ambulances turn and turn again

dumping bodies in bags,turn again,
 colored cloaks cover all colored skins,Truth lies in clayey

lodgings beneath,

the sword shines
in its sheath,
horses snort

stample feet
ready to dash
conquer defeat,

             Skins may shine
             cloaks be grand
             in supreme honor one
             may smile and stand
             Look! The Right View!
                 What matters is
                 The Pure Residue!
Try to Understand!In the trunk, firmly rooted deeply sunk,looking straight
carrying weight,

Then for the rest,
fervently faithful

oarsmen pull,unseen,

guiding the vessel
with the breeze,clean;
who knows when on land
time and tide may touch

         Gather All Good Trade
         Good Deeds that Ye Must!
soon the vessel may rust
Mortals must return to Dust
Turn Now to Truth to The Word
Let No One say'The Cry The Call
Ye did not, Ye had not heard !
Turn, Ye People,Turn, Turn All!

Take the cue, know the clue
All must have, All must care,
Nothing matters, nothing new
Make Haste for a Pure Residue! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poem in Response to W Brenda's Wordle 18~Great Storms Spin~

Great Storms Spin
Revolve in fierce
revolutions strangly superior,
breaking bashing drowning
concrete rock and granite
making darkness double
extinguishing All Light!
Warnings! Warnings! Warnings!
Desperation  confusion disbelief
reigns supreme as
hundreds lie slouched
fixed bound screwed
huddled frightful scared

will the water wash up?
will the water wash away?
will the water flood up?
will the water go away?
will the water surge up?
will the water sweep?
will all be destroyed?
will All just go cheap?

Floods have come
Floods have been
Floods have killed
Floods have seen
Blood and bones
broken sunk and
Tis No Stranger Fiction!
Be Warned! Be Pure! Be Cleansed!
Be True Have Faith ! Be Blessed!

Be Not Among Those
Who With Pride Arose!

Washed ashore or swept to sea
Water will be the Grave of many!

Great Storms Spin!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

True Sayings~The Earth Quakes

The Earth quakes
It trembles, shakes
protests heavy burdens
bomb blasts, grates,
drillings diggings killings
making pure streams red
with filth trash and blood,

Humans beware , See!
what are the stakes?
like a life with snakes?
like pains and aches?
sitting in lyke-wakes?
in darkened daybreaks?
inline for undertakes?
if we read the Word
If we heed the Word
We really need The Word
We still have time
To follow the Truth

The Word The Truth
is The Guide That Overtakes
All Evil , Protects and Forgives
The sins and mistakes.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Sayings~ Killing is not winning

Killing is not winning
or is it?
why is it more sinned
against than sinning?
quiet as a rural village
no rush or pillage,

small crowded decorated vans
carrying covered human clans

elderly slowly walking
breathing in the fresh air
all is calm and fair
an Eden for many
Ah a snake uncanny
silently breathing away
guarding a life in vain
after causing to many, pain
Kill and Be Killed One Day
No matter what mansions
you build-you will be found
come what may-
Life goes thinning
day by day
Kill kill kill and kill
Killing is not winning
For sinning-one has to pay.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Poem in Response to W Brenda's~ Wordle 17~Invisible Stigmas~

Invisible stigmas received
painless peaceful reassuring
visions of the second coming?
lashing hanging stoning shooting
becoming-constant not sporadic-

Do ye remember the sleepers?
Or their people, cruelly punished
for  sedition, shown as enmeshed
violations of sacred pledges?finding
refuge in stony harbours,Caves of 
Sanctity, by Divine Keepers!

what is it that brews
in disturbed nether sedges?
Unholy evil withered edges
splattered with martyrs blood-
some to die,some to awaken
appear as the Truth Seekers!

what is it that hinders?
war struggle sacrifice
thousands, thronged offering
fresh blood, bodies to cinders,
treading on tremors
faith in sacred pledges
reduced to mere tufts of
dying hedges parched
forever plastered to 
silence supreme.

The heat  the floods  the quakes
Warnings Mother Earth Makes

What is it that still blinds our Faith?
I see I hear,  I Call, I Call I Call
O People , Listen Rise Awake
 My Spirit Cries, trembles, shakes!

Monday, August 15, 2011

OH How Can I Deny

How can I deny, I remind myself
of air water fire and dust
I am in clayey mold , set
I remind myself
If I sit lie sleep and eat
the clay will die and rust;
I remind myself
My heart is a Light 
that clears the darkness
Of The Sight
I remind myself
I must offer The Great Spirit
Whose Mercy helps  from
The Ranks'
I remind myself
If I disbelieve in One
My work is 'ashes'
blown to none'
I remind myself
I must not stray but pray
Seek The Truth,Choose
The Right Way
I remind myself
Of The Book I must read
The Advice I must heed
And Now
I remind myself
The Task is easy, not huge
With arrogance there is
NO Place of Refuge.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poem on Independence or Destruction

My country was born on the 14th
they say for the sake of so many
my country was to be a safe haven
for peace and joy for so many,
but my country was broken soon
like the miracle of the moon
was seen by so many, but fell,
far away from the cocoon,so
born in blood , was cut by blood
shed by so many for so many;
what shall I pray what shall I wish
my people are hungry all so many
what shall I give away what shall I save
my people are naked beggars so many
what shall I plead what shall I teach
my people are ignorant all so many
today is my country's birthday again
I am in pain , no thoughts in my brain
I cry , my people are militants so many.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poem in Response to Brenda W's~ Wordle 16~Re-awakening !

conquering darkened conjured realms
Dutybound Sun rose in golden grandeur
letting its morning rays tenderly sweep
the vast expanses, kissing the rusty sleepy
walking species, crawling myriads,
to stretch and yawn, coaxing , probing
to a reawakening;

Like prophets spoke in gentle words
Like sea gulls sang as swinging birds
Like David's Psalms in rhythmic chords
Like sailboats entry in open fjords
Like lilting notes of Grecian flutes
Like clippety clops on cobbled routes
Like raindrops descent one by one
Like squirrels frolic just for fun
Like flowers dancing with the dew
receiving the warmth, lovingly begun,

Half the world in Happy Light
Half in pain, in torments swept

Remember the Tears when Angels wept?
Deep scars that thunder cleft?
Why so long
cemented in false beliefs
we have slept?
Rusted in sin I cried
and crept,
The Light has Come,
For I feel the Heat
that has touched my feet,
The Truth I accept!

must shake off my sleep
must take off my coat
must hear the final note-

Awake Arise or
Be Forever Fallen
The Bugle is Callin'
The Bugle is Callin'
Hurry hurry hurry,
Run run run,
Pray pray pray
One by one,
That's The Only Way!

Make for The Boat!
Make for The Boat!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Poem in Response to~ Brenda W's Wordle 15~ One Heart

One Heart of Hearts
Vision of sacrifice
alive, vibrant fearless
Lifted! to Paradise,
Holy Fortress , Thrice!

Voices Guide to Heal
Protect and cover
amidst the rattling
jangle sprouting
all over;

Remember, The Advice!

Let not the weeds grow
inside the deep recesses,
Let not sinful splinters
pierce tender crimson
chambers precise,wherein
The revered image resides.

One Heart of Hearts
In Time and Tide, alive,
Holy Fortress for All,
For Truth who strive,
safely surely securely
will, suffice.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poem in Response to POETS UNITED~ The Think Tank~ 59~ GRASS

Thin grown ever green
lusciously fully nutritious
dancing away to soundless
sacred sweet symphonies
swaying sideways in
obedience to invisible
conducting synchronized
offering soft cool
overtures to burning soles
of injured souls,enriching
meadows to the core,
resistingly kissing the nibbling
advances of loving mammal

deserted desert       
dunes dream to possess, as
Ozmandias waits in stony silence, slithering snakes
undulatingly weave
their colors in the sand,

the deadlyPeregrine                                                              

Wave upon wave of green expanses,
jaded studded laid for romances
their sight asks for journeys,at times,  in trekking spaces
God grew it special, for special people,
in  special places.