Friday, August 5, 2011

Poem in Response to~ Brenda W's Wordle 15~ One Heart

One Heart of Hearts
Vision of sacrifice
alive, vibrant fearless
Lifted! to Paradise,
Holy Fortress , Thrice!

Voices Guide to Heal
Protect and cover
amidst the rattling
jangle sprouting
all over;

Remember, The Advice!

Let not the weeds grow
inside the deep recesses,
Let not sinful splinters
pierce tender crimson
chambers precise,wherein
The revered image resides.

One Heart of Hearts
In Time and Tide, alive,
Holy Fortress for All,
For Truth who strive,
safely surely securely
will, suffice.


  1. Your lines are lovely, Anjum. Repeating "One Heart of Hearts" brought me back to the beginning, coming full circle in your beautiful poem.

  2. You have crafted a beautiful poem and so much of sane advise!! Loved the middle stanza the best which is written with much reverence!!

  3. Beautiful poem, Anjum! I enjoyed the richness of it.