Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poem in Response to W Brenda's Wordle 18~Great Storms Spin~

Great Storms Spin
Revolve in fierce
revolutions strangly superior,
breaking bashing drowning
concrete rock and granite
making darkness double
extinguishing All Light!
Warnings! Warnings! Warnings!
Desperation  confusion disbelief
reigns supreme as
hundreds lie slouched
fixed bound screwed
huddled frightful scared

will the water wash up?
will the water wash away?
will the water flood up?
will the water go away?
will the water surge up?
will the water sweep?
will all be destroyed?
will All just go cheap?

Floods have come
Floods have been
Floods have killed
Floods have seen
Blood and bones
broken sunk and
Tis No Stranger Fiction!
Be Warned! Be Pure! Be Cleansed!
Be True Have Faith ! Be Blessed!

Be Not Among Those
Who With Pride Arose!

Washed ashore or swept to sea
Water will be the Grave of many!

Great Storms Spin!


  1. Wonderful piece, Anjum. The repetition strengthens your ideas. Beautiful storm piece, and timely with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene.

  2. Thank You Brenda Storms are a matter of concern for all, indeed.