Thursday, September 1, 2011

True Sayings~ Fill not with food your plate,

Fill not  with food your plate,
to the top nor layer
the gravy all around nor place
the meat to first please the eye
See how Gluttony grins
For She has added to your sins
Just for the appetite on the sly
Nor smile to see the pile up high
 your smile may turn into a cry;

eat not from all the dishes
served before you
the relishes attract the wishes
 salads and the fishes
take a little at first
three sips of water
 for the thirst
munch more eat less
leave room in the
stomach lest it burst,

Fill your hearts with kindness
fill your spirit with peace
spare and share all that
you have,give to make
more of less, or all
the more may become less,
give of what you receive
so that You may be
forever blessed.

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