Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Sayings~ Mosquito Militancy Mass Destruction~~

No need to fear the bombs or blasts
enjoy your life as long as it lasts
give alms to the poor
and keep all the fasts
speak the truth and do not cheat
be honest and ill gotten do not eat-

 Mosquito Militants are here from the past
this time Anopheles is not the caste
fever shivers sweating pale
spleen liver  lungs inhale
dry up swimming pools'
places of bodily exhibits
show games and unfair rules
 mosquitoes and militants
unseen, come suddenly-
attack, marked, target hits,
 drain and suck the blood
taking lives with their Stingers 
tragedy horror and terror bringers
its the stagnant water for
malaria,  fever on alternate days
But Ah This Black Dengue
breeds on water clean and  stays
its a war for young  and old
Change! Change! Your Life
Before its too late and All is Cold!
Faithfully follow the Right Instruction
Be Safe, Lest you may be a victim
among  mass destruction 


  1. This is so well thought out and written. I would never have thought of this subject. Just excellent.

  2. Thank You 'The Cello Strings' and Thank You 'Old Raven'-I am trying to write about the present reality , with an additional message of Hope and Salvation.Deeply grateful.