Friday, September 9, 2011

True Sayings~'Bridges are not walls'~

'Something there is that does not love a wall'
something there is that does not love at all
though love makes the world go round
which of the twelve kinds abounds?
I doubt for all, I see from above
only one land mass, one ground
open to view amidst the vast
ocean blue, no line, no divide
 All in one stride, all in one piece
Like a bridge, linking all
brick by brick, arch by arch
curve by curve,edge by edge
unlike walls forsaken
built around lands taken
wailed against sobbed with
shot blindfolded before
innocent guilty or mistaken
till ages pass and generations
awaken, they are blasted and broken,
bridges are links that connect
make way for  ease and defect
to safer havens and escapes
to greener pastures and landscapes
lets build more bridges
connect the rivers and the ridges
 lets not shoot  doves and partridges 
casting fire on distant lands
leaves us all stranded on bare stands
Earth shakes and many stumble
Iron stone  or brick wall
eventually will break and fall
But Bridges built with faith and truth
will remain to support in any domain.

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