Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poem in Response to ~Thursday Poets Rally Week 54~Oct 20-26-2011~We Used To...

We used to play and sing and
Watch and share 'most everything,
We used to taste sweet lemon drops
hunt  treasures  with  sorted props;
We used to play hide and seek
behind  the bushes and  the trees;
We used to sit on the walls and  talk
and play hop scotch drawn with chalk;
We used to build castles in the sand
and act like pirates with the one eyed band;

We used to read stories of wonderland
and sing and dance in our little fairland
We used to look at the far off stars
 unaware of  the terrifying wars;
       We used to find love and care
        peace and happiness everywhere 
        We used to …but wait…
        I will tell  you more, if it is not too late.


  1. Dear Nicole Cindy Orange Tree
    Thank you for the lovely comments

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  3. this is beautiful! I feel the longing of such wonderful memories and yet the feeling of living each moment to the very best is also very strong in this wonderfully crafted piece.

    great pics.

    looking forward to reading more from you.

  4. This is so great brings back good memories and one was in Hawaii when I was growing up we played a game with people from the main land as we called them. It was a game about finding a monkey that flew from tree to tree. We mad it look so real and they thought their was actually a monkey that we had to put in the sack we ran around with. Fun times and great memories. In Tahiti they do not have such a game to play. I loved this poem

  5. yeah, this brings back the memories. i enjoyed the read. :)

  6. I enjoyed the fond memories in this piece. I like the emotions it stirred in me

  7. Beautiful. I really liked this. laurie @ Battling My Inner Critic

  8. Hello.
    Nice post.
    I like your photos.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Bashful Lady

  9. Wow!Wow!Wow! Know what you left me dreaming...Fabulous job...Thanks for share...

  10. NO, it's not too late! :) LOve this. Thanks for sharing. MAde me smile.

  11. YES! You make one understand. Thank you.

  12. Wonderful poem of childhood memories, anjum. I enjoyed this greatly.

  13. sweet.reminds a lot of innocence and childhood. :)

  14. It's never too late! Tell us more!

  15. I feel the longing for a more innocent time....a time of peace...great work

  16. The images of childhood you invoke are so sweet. . . let's hope the terrifying wars don't prevent you from every telling more.