Monday, November 28, 2011

In Response to~Gooseberry Poetry Picnic~Week~15~ Since Time Took You Away~

home is not the same -
since time took you away to your own,
you are special, you will always be,
for the love and care you have shown;
to my mom and me 
and to all
 around you known and unknown;
for the peace you would bring
to all arguments and all things;
you are special for all you shared
held my bags dresses books and spared-
stored and saved my weakening strength;
when you gave me time,
you could have spent with your friends-
thank you dear, May Allah make all amends
and Bless you with joy peace and love
from all ends,
of the Heavens and The Universe;
You are my precious daughter,
my life my soul I think of you always,
Always in my heart,  never ever to part.


  1. a sad goodbye but filled with acceptance and love. It might have been for a season but the heart will always remember :)
    my gooseberry:

  2. Sad, indeed, but a beautiful write and wonderful tribute. Nicely done!

  3. love it,

    creative thoughts on time.

  4. We never forget.