Saturday, December 31, 2011

~Not the Last~

It is always the same day and night
darkness prevails before the light
Nature loves us in all colours
gives us perpetual favours
we count the days 
we say it is the last
each moment becomes the past
boundless open and vast
Blessings abound slow and fast
majestic evening descends 
as I too watch through
my resting room window
beauty merges and emerges 
it is not the last but just a cover
as the year end crosses over
colours, lights, birds and leaves
quietly doze off to sleep
 evening  time Nature's enrapture
as I click my camera,  to capture...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Agreement for Thursday Poets Rally Week 58~I Will Keep Calling~

Thank You Thursday Poets Rally for The Perfect Poet Award Week 58
I nominate  Poet:  Charlie Parant for a Poetry Award

I will keep calling as
raindrops  keep falling
you may pose ignorance
a dance in oblivion
a portrait , Promethean
Metamorphosis crawling,
An Odyssey of pride,
 the hearts deep recesses
 beauty’s sweet tresses
A love deep inside
Will only be restless
But with patience abide,
A time of Blessing
Snow keeps falling
Bells keep calling
Our Saviour is Alive!
Eyes cannot hide
The task Herculean,
Lo The Star descends
 affection transcends
With peaceful Love
And  reaches beside.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

In Response to~Jingle Poetry ~Gooseberry Poetry Picnic~Week~18~ Soberly Silently White

Oh The snow still and soft
Soberly silently white
Clean and fresh lying there
People stepping
 around with care
Loving its touch
Liking it much
Feeling extremely cold
But trying to be bold
Splashing and swishing
Branches bowing down low
Bearing the soft burden:
Oh, people passing close
The smoky breaths
The noses so red
Hands in gloves
Scarves round the head
The huddled looks
The long boots
The misty screens
All is white –no green.
Indoor hands facing the fire
Everyone in warm attire
Oh of what does one think,
A cosy bed and a hot drink.

Friday, December 16, 2011

In Response to Sepia-Saturday-105-Saturday-17-December 2011/12

Eid Ul Fitr  Meal   Day of Thanksgiving after a Month of Fasting called Ramadhan

Chicken Curry -Spinach with Lamb Meat -Rice - Fresh Salad-Curd- Chutney

Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Response to Jingle Poetry~ Picnic Week 17:Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families

Just Yesterday
It seems in  memories
we read about the Great Flood

Just Yesterday
We heard stories
Of the killing and the flowing blood

Just yesterday
we suffered and tread
And crossed borders through ‘The Great Divide

Just yesterday
We played ‘touch the tree’
hopscotch marbles seek and hide

Just Yesterday
We drove around in
Chevrolet s Fiats with Jeeps beside

Just yesterday
we spent warm afternoons
lazing and building castles in the sand

Just yesterday
running for the ice lolly
at the tapping of the Cart man's hand

Today I look at
Photographs reflecting memories
Of moments good and bad

Today young or old
Memories happy and sad
In  photographs are all we hold.

Just Happiness or sorrow
Who knows tomorrow
So I tear and pile up
Heaps of paper, to be sold.

In Response to Bluebells~Short Story Slam Week 16~ Sweet Princess, There is Still Time~

Why did you  give me such a loving smile the first time we met?
I  keep asking this question and no satisfactory answer I get
And then we got talking so quickly and  soon our minds were set
And I knew from the start you secretly admired someone, you bet?

How many times from behind the wall you had tried to see
Who is it in the room  who might be in his or her company?
What problems may be faced what happiness may be embraced?
With whom are being shared biscuits and tinkling cups of tea?

I know how your imagination wandered in the vastness of the view
From dawn to dusk afternoon day and night and each day anew
Sometimes for hours thinking watching waiting assuming too
Sometimes catching a glimpse of what you each day wanted to

But as in life there is always a measure of torture and pain
There is more loss of  objects people and places than gain
And a history written read and always in talks and stories told
That if rules and laws are not obeyed all is taken away by rain

In  life time is such and days go by one has to hope pray and wait
Its all simple no tricks of trade nor means to imply or persuade
A path ordained to be followed with love work and eyes straight
To live to love  to cherish birds plants animals and all vertebrate

How true its not good to run away from your near and dear ones
There are dangers robbers kidnappers and crushers around in tons
No matter how brave strong and bold pretty daughters may become
its safer to follow the path nature ordained for each and everyone.

See how the ducklings follow their Mother and make a lovely family
No ugliness mars the beauty love and obedience in waddling on  merrily
They have picked the flowers and are showing the way home so rightly
Push away whatever keeps you fixed, the rain will stop falling shortly

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poems of The Season~ The Clouds Call~

A spirit unseen
but felt serene
unspoken words say
do not fear, look up
and see the sky
  a light shines up high
your feet may be
heavy, on  ground
but turn around
and you will fly
in the  minds eye
pray with gratitude
be calm in quietude
and all will be well
at length, you will
   gain strength as you try
Darkness shields you
when you cry
Your Lord is with you
smile at the sky
 ‘which is it of the favours
that  you may deny’
I smiled and relaxed
as the car passed by
and rolled up the
dark glass screen.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In Response to~ Poetry Picnic~Thursday Poets Rally~Week~57~Misunderstandings

Thank You Thursday Poets Rally for The Perfect Poet Award Week 57

I nominate Poet Emmet Wheatfall

Misunderstandings occur and
shatter thoughts 
unreasonable expectations grow secretly;
a shy smile, a soft giggle, a quick glance
unintentional false hopes build freely;
evil dances around perpetually 
colorful flashes engulfed in  sweet auras
mask truth ,
deception abounds continually
Helpless helpless more and more
I descend 
 stony emotions overtake gradually;

Monday, December 5, 2011

In Response to~Gooseberry Poetry Picnic~Week~16~I am Nothing

I am nothing
I am but a speck of dust
My life my soul my spirit
Is not mine
I am but a form
My body my shape my self
Is not mine;
I am but a sound
My music my note my tune
Is not mine
I am but a smile
my face my eyes, my looks
are not mine
I am but a thought
my idea my vision my purpose
Is for the Heaven
The Pure The Holy The Forever
I am, but  Love
Love that is just
I am but a speck of dust.

In Response to~Gooseberry~Jingle~ Poetry Picnic~Week~16~ My Life~

A born refugee, I am told-
I crossed barbed wires to a new land;
It was a divided nation  an unstable station
for some time there was,  celebration;
but soon there was all, devastation
loneliness parting degradation.
I crossed other barriers,
I tried to make another home
I thought I was free-
I struggled through invisible fires,
I slipped on mud and mires
My faith only, kept me strong
Oh where do I belong?
My body will be dust my soul will fly
Will my Story find , a respectable publication?
'Oh Elementary My Dear Watson'
You should know the clue to the destination'
'It is all so simple-there is the solution
Lets leave the rest to someone else,
'Tis fate n' Joy,  let there be  Jingle' 'n jubilation'
To The Lovely  Gooseberry Garden,  is my dedication'

Friday, December 2, 2011

Poem of the Season~ I Plucked a Leaf~

     I plucked a leaf and made a whistle
I plucked another and breathed
in  the sweet scent of oranges
 I smiled at so many fluttering on the trees
  I crushed one fallen by the breeze,
 and raked away so many,
 and he said 'they mess up the yard
I said 'they have made me a bard'
 I admire the tree as it will by me stand
but he will never look up
 to see how tall it is how grand, 
if you look at the spoils
 you will never understand
 what is Gods Will ,
 and the Beauty of His Land