Friday, February 10, 2012

In Response to Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week~ 25 ~To War-or Not To War

A war so far a war on a star,
A war on sand a war on land
Detonating deafening deadening
Defending destructing defying Death;
   War on Terror, war by error?
   War for the spoils, war for the Oil?
   War on the Young, war by the Young,
   Hopeless, groundless, Timeless war;
A war by the armed, on the unarmed
A War by the strong, on the weak throng
A War by Dress  A War of stress
A War of Mess by the Thoughtless;
    War against Fire
    War to spend. War to an end
  War against Age War by Rage;
                  A War on a stage  A War in a cage
A War of words
A War with swords
  What Man is warring in or warring out?
    Laying hiding killing mines,
    Building and crushing walls and bridges,
    Filling moats or filling ditches,
I have heard cries of Enchained spirits
Bodies writhing torn raped, illicit,

NO MORE WAR is the call, PEACE is the Vision
NO MORE Destroying, desecrating devastating
A War within a War
Senseless, fenceless, meaningless,
Time to End Deifying WAR;
Time to End Unjust War.


  1. you have powerful imaginations of wars.

    love the demonstrations here, well done.