Monday, March 31, 2014

Miraculous Experiences Series- ~ The Flowers Came ~

as I sat in the terrace window
I could see the tree blossoms
Ah its not really Spring but yet
there are flowers'
and then a little farther away
small white buds sprouted among
the creeper green on
the neighbour's wall 
and this is just a small view
of Nature Grand
If we can understand'
and I quietly thought'
The Lord listens and sees all'
He must be looking and hearing my 
prayers, would He show a sign?
Silly Me-who do you think you are
so near and yet so far'
a voice spoke but my faith
had strength and so I smiled
The flowers will come inside
and I will wait and not resign
That will be the sign...
Lo Behold as night came on
my husband returned 
holding in his arms a large bouquet
flowers of the same hues
as outside the terrace window
and I got my sign and The Lord
promises truly the dues'
He is Most Gracious Most Merciful
Oft Forgiving  Loving and Beautiful
sweet scented flowers were inside
a wondrous spectacle
of truth love grace and joy
 The Unseen Power  manifest in the Miracle

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