Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 9 ~ NAPOWRIMO ~ Money Comes Money Goes ~

Today’s prompt was suggested by Bruce Niedt. Here’s Bruce’s explanation: take any random song play list (from your iPod, CD player, favorite radio station, Pandora or Spotify , etc.) and use the next five song titles on that randomized list in a poem.

My favorite Radio Station City FM 89 Islamabad

Money Comes Money Goes
Money on my mind
life has been kind
But the man quite thankless
has he made the world a mess?
Is anyone really happy
I keep thinking
which is the best day of my life?
would life for real money take a turn?
                                         or are we destined to be in Hell and burn'

Song Titles: Money on my mind,the man,happy,best day of my life,burn.

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