Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Holy Days and Holidays ~ When Flutes Blew Notes ~

Holy Month of Ramazan has  gone.
When fasts restrain and make us patient
It trains in self negation strengthening belief;

          Teaches the art of giving and forgiving
          eating nor drinking,important is simple living
          purifying body  cleaning spirit so sinning

This Holy Month is a blessing a celebration
 a night's prayer equals thousand nights meditation
obedience tolerance solution solutions to solutions
but why 
People are praying for peace and relief
from  social holy disturbances of disbelief-

This month is destined to end on a happy note
and it did- but not for all, today or tomorrow
There are now regions of sorrow-
Threats of shooting killing  blasting
OH There is Providence in the Fall 
Of a sparrow-
 Has conscience made a coward of us All?
What has Man achieved since the Great Fall 
                                                                          or The Deluge
Made this world a Hell with No Refuge?
OH Where is The Heaven we Lost?
Ah at what price at what cost?
Gone ---
Gone are the Days of Peaceful sojourning
             when flutes blew notes of  tunes so sweet
             when words were words of love and treat
             when horses trotted on the cobbled street;

             a lone policeman was enough on the beat
             and innocent laughter filled the backseat
             there was no winning losing or defeat
             no charge no 'Forward March' or Retreat'

who is the Master ? Thief?
 Who are we trying to cheat ? 
                                                        I am no Queen of Itheca
                                                        nor the Goddess  Athena
I still have not made My  Pilgrimage 
                                                         To Holy Madina! 
I am in pain in my soul and spirit 
A nation bleeds and will bleed

Captive Refugees  in  threatened countries
Call Aloud Oh Hear Ye People of The World
See, hear, read’
I too have a terror filled, uncertain, but

  a  Brave  Odyssey!


  1. "When Flutes Blew Notes" opens up the worship, memory and dreaming that the "Holy Month of Ramazan" brings/allows/demands. I too long for simpler days, who does not? But here your detailed plea strengthened by concentrated prayer speaks for many of us. Thank you.

    1. Welcome Friend, 'less for the self and more for others' living simply with 'high thinking makes sense of the purpose of life-to be Grateful to the Lord and that is true holiness.

  2. This is a very soulful write, Anjum. Bless you as you complete your holy month.......I love the line "a night's prayer equals a thousand nights of meditation. How cool! It does seem the world is filled with a terrible clamor.........I, too, look back at my childhood days as a simpler, kinder time and I wonder if my grandkids feel the same way about their childhoods, now that times have so changed? I found much to reflect upon in this poem.

    1. Present Times are full of strife- silence is full of noise' no longer can we hear the 'tap tap of the Ice lolly cart' in the lazy summer afternoons...aim of poetry is to create 'new thoughts' Thank you Sherry

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from Poets United. Lovely poem, spiritual and quite epic.

    1. Welcome. Please accept my deep gratitude for your most kind and encouraging appreciation.

  4. ...yes, hope in every step, peace from toe to heel above our path; on one that has to be followed.
    ~This piece is a beautiful prayer~

  5. these were sensitive, conscientious and empathetic words. i too could reflect upon my more innocent days but they were innocent because i don't think that i was as aware when i was youthfilled and unconsiously selfish.

    good write. gracias

    1. Experiences differ in diversity of world cultures. Thank You for your visit and kind words.