Thursday, April 10, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Distractions, or Stops Along the Way

Today I invite poems about surprises in the best-laid plans--or detours you wish you had planned or prevented.  Or the affect of days of rest and holiday on the main dish of life. Distraction?  Rest?  Or a Better Way?

I traced some patterns in life
and looked at them for long,
thought they were strong
in design color and length,
But I was told I was wrong-

I drew some lines
in symbols shapes and signs
erased and drew again
till my fingers grew numb
and my wrist cried 'pain'
I believed all was bright
But I was told I was not right-

I gathered some letters
and arranged them in words
I read them over and over
I thought I had the idea 
from under the dark cover
but someone knew better 
and I was entangled 
in iron fetters-

I passed some innocent smiles
being told to be nice
polite and mannered
I thought I was human,held
Truth and Prayer as my weapon,
But I was dragged away for miles
and forced to pay a  price-

I collected some pictures
all plain and blank
no patterns or lines nor words
or designs, with soundless motions
no thoughts or notions
as hard as stone,
as thin as a bone
as quiet as a mouse
I lived-in the house.

I was thus the better, 
good and best,
till the moment when
emotions were no longer manifest
silent smiles in the gabfest'
surrendering stage to  gold crest
All then was peaceful,at rest
no hurry worry or rush

and I had the happy wonderful distraction
a game of all games, I was saved, blest
for I wrote poems and played candy crush'


  1. Your words--by the second stanza--gave me a boxed in sensation, a feeling. That the limbs of my humanity were being lopped off. Then by the end I realized that most of the people I know and me as well live like this everyday. Good poem.

  2. Thank you Susan.Literature is a reflection of life.