Wednesday, April 2, 2014

POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Poetry Challenge ~ Fool for Poetry ~

       I know I am a fool, but
O How cool
it feels to be walking in the rain
than to hide in the cellar
for fear

It is hot the ball of fire
does no harm to the
I love to be the fool
to stay away from the pool

I am not Icarus
in my ring I have a boule
I proudly say, 'I am from Goole'
its no secret going to the shul'

O I love to be a fool for words'
words are but words'
a fool is wise of the wisest
for truth he speaks in jest

for Nothing comes of nothing
its sweet but more sweet
makes the papule
and I love the fool in me
for I have sweet words

someone said 'poetry writers
are they nerds?
No Dear Ones they are 
The True Shepherds
Plato banished them
But I am a fool for all such herds'

I am a fool for clouds
I love to play hide and seek
I love the sun as it takes a peek
and allows the vapours to roar
rumble grumble and then pour

then I am not a fool for I see wisdom
 shine and the sun becomes mine
for I am the fool of a star
that waits all night
for I know the sun will light
my way after the dark night


  1. ha. your rhyme in this is fun and plays off the message...i think that poets are artists with words as our paints...and if that makes us a fool...i will take it...

    found the right link and put it in for you over at PU

    1. I too thank you, Mr. Brian! Imagine missing this gem of a poem?

  2. I especially like your two closing stanzas....I am a fool for such things, too.

  3. The poet, indeed sometimes need to stay alone to create poetry...poets addicted to words...~ feel the poetic credo in your poem, nice :)x

    1. Loneliness inspires poetry, sadness leads to it and pain perfects it Thank you

  4. This is very creative, I think. I do like the idea of being a fool for words and a fool for clouds. And the idea of seeing wisdom shine is brilliant!

  5. I love the vibe in this. :)

  6. True shepherds - Love this , it sings of hope and passion. The power to create, Excellent

    1. I strongly believe and am a positivist - hope is life moving on...Thank you

  7. WOW! Thank you thank you for the Plato and the Shakespeare Lear and Tom who helped to clarify the link between foolishness and wisdom! The jester who speaks here loves a rhyme which adds to the sense of simplicity, but none of it is simple: Let he who stays on the surface beware! The star knows what is worth waiting for, and we are all made of at least one part stardust. I love this.

  8. Dear Susan Ah! Poetry delights and entertains as well as instructs...I am deeply inspired by your views and appreciation.I am grateful.Thank you so much. I must share that my name Anjum means 'star' and English Literature has helped me know more about poetry and to write better...

  9. Interesting poem - I like how you make everything rhyme without it sounding cheesy :)