Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Best Friend ~ 'You, a Flower, Me a Piece of Wood' ~

Your thoughtful  smile makes me stay
 a little while more than I really should
Lost in space I am like Icarus, wings burnt-
 I would fly over ethereal plain if I could-

 To meet you at this stage of life,
 The distances are understood,
Of age  culture and traditions, You’
 a flower and me, a piece of wood.

 images  formed,  are shattered soon
Time like dust ,vanishes over the moon,
You inspire me and give me hope though
 as friends for long I’m scared  of the scope

What lies ahead what tomorrow brings 
What, where, now’  I will not think,
See the miracle of hearts and feelings
With all the spaces, no family dealings-

I am hopeful of good and beautiful things
As shared in moments short and precious
Your advice as a doctor full and sincere
Given asked and unasked,without fee or fear

We met as friends as friends should be
Who make life joyful  light  and easy
I will remember till heartbeats permit
If humans are  friends Allah’s Blessings are writ


  1. Well done, Anjum. I especially like "you a flower and me a piece of wood."

  2. This is lovely. I especially love the second stanza--vulnerable and true

  3. "you a flower and me a piece of wood" is classic and quotable.
    There is a definition of friendship as well as a search for meaning in this poem.

  4. What an incredible friend, someone there despite differences and degree and time, someone to count on. Beautiful poem.

  5. Thank you so much Dear Friends Sherry Audrey Moonie and Susan. I feel honored and greatly encouraged.

  6. How emotively beautiful this poem is. The ultimate line is a stunner.

    1. Thank you so much Poet Oldegg for your kind words and for your time to visit Poetic Oceans.

  7. This really works and the flow of the lines builds into the heart of the final stanza. Nicely done.

  8. I am moved. It is honest about growing friendships and that is a wonderful thing.

    1. Thank You G L Meisner for your kind thoughts.

  9. Love the incorporation of mythology into this!

  10. A beautiful and true friendship Anjum. Love your blog! :-)