Sunday, May 4, 2014

In Response to Brenda's Wordle ~ 159 ~ Dreading the Jian ~

Looking for' Cormorant' Balor or Graeae ?
fearful of Cyclops, dreading the Jian ?

O Blackbird" have you lost an eye?
broken a wing, cannot see or fly?

Fear not for thou art free
with one eye you may see
in the darkness of the night
 till sleepy sun wakes, to light

evil dead that live to fight
arise from coffins, 
a zombie sight, moments
of life tenderly tight

blood sucking creatures 
fine apparent features
capped and covered out
of sight, 

O Blackbird protect your wings
in the air are dangerous things
you may feel  lighter
but life is not light

Beware !

Lurking low in branches
high in the cloudy corners
enemy's machines n mortars
all set to cut your flight' 

Prompt Wordle 


  1. Strong work, Anjum. So many dangers lurk for your one-eyed bird. Well wordled.

  2. Thank you Brenda my bird is suffering...very interesting wordle-led me to research about 'blackbirds and I learnt about the myths and stories attached.More can be written