Monday, May 5, 2014

In Response to ~ Poetry Jam Prompt ~ Sunset ~ Till A Fixed Time ~

O Glorious Circle
 illumined, unending 
serving eternally the unseen 
and life in all forms manifest
living in a golden palace 
 in the River Okeano
till a fixed time

Nothing survives without you
You the Guardian of oaths
 Symbol of the gift of sight
travel across the skies , in
a four winged horse chariot
effulgent scathingly warm
till a fixed time

I a spirit celestial but human form
am one with Light from morn till
the hours reach their allowed limit,
and darkness begins to emerge
and merge,casting a pall, studded
with starry jewels gems twinkling
till a fixed time
sunset sends a message strong
I cannot stay, after, all day long 
half the job done, half the job to do
must move on for other world too-
be not lonely for you may not see
but I leave behind a shining company
till a fixed time

sunsets are glorious colors galore
so many years and many to come, more
each evening I sit and watch, colors, dance
round and round, opening endless circles
amazingly moving closer, in  receding miracles
till a fixed time.

and when I see the sunset spreading
I know life is not ending,no loneliness
prevailing,as flocks fly slowly by
homeward bound happily silently  
all have to go, to safety,to sleep
promises to fulfill ,to thank,not weep
love is Eternal  The Lord Keeps
till a fixed time....

Sunset Photography Credit: CER-Anjum Wasim Dar Copyright 2014


  1. This is quite a meditation on Sunset. Your repetition of "till a fixed time" keeps the circular feeling going very well. Thank you for visiting my blog, and all the best to you.

    1. Welcome.You write beautifully.Thank you.