Saturday, June 21, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ I Wish I Had Written This ~ It matters that life lives through you'

Rosemary Nissen-Wade has presented a Poem by Poet  Roger S. Keyes

'Hokusai says
Hokusai says look carefully.
He says pay attention, notice.
He says keep looking, stay curious.
He says there is no end to seeing.'
Deeply grateful and highly appreciate the amazing lines shared here at Poets United keeping enlightenment bright and alive...
In the first reading it gives a feeling of the simple philosophy of life but as one reads on the philosophy becomes strikingly sharp. 'Its about 'what matters in life' and that is the true gist of the purpose of existence'
'Everyone has to find a way to live with fear' how true.'Just a few days ago I wrote 'six words' which I felt reflected my life's stance in these times when killing is rampant' who kills for what' no one knows'
'Stray bullets don't frighten me anymore' and I realized that strength of faith is the rope to hold onto...
'Everything lives inside us'
He says live with the world inside you'
It matters that life lives through you' as Ms Sanjida O Connell writes in her book 'Mind Reading' ' a person is a person through other people'We are made of a delicate network of relationships of interdependence.We are meant to complement each other.All kinds of things go horribly wrong when we break that fundamental law of being'
This weeks amazing presentation inspires me to write and share some thoughts that keep surging rising like restless waves in my mind heart and soul.They emerge through the windows of the soul and flow through life's fabric to merge with the threads close to the heart invisible to the worldly robotic feeling less majority.

Life is full of strange stories
And I find it difficult to select.
 I must share the fact about faith loyalty sincerity
 love and mixed with all this lies deception. 
Many try to beguile with a smile,
with a handshake,with a cup of tea,
with an ice cream cone with a sandwich 
with a burger with a coke and
 somewhere in many corners with a can of beer
 a tumbler of cocktail and …
a song and dance …and then a hot steak…
I cried
I cried for my homeland
 I cried for my people
 I cried for the women and children
 and I cried for my helplessness…
I cried for fear
 I cried for love of the future generation
 I cried for those who tried their best
 to heal the world and gave their lives,
 I cried for elders who worked tirelessly 
to make a family survive, 
who helped migrants to settle,
 I cried for the new displaced families
 on the roads and I cried for I saw the time
 when I too was a migrant child.Has life changed? No

I see blood I see bullets I see tanks I see guns I see barbed wire
All these are the same things which I saw had been parked aside

Oh My Dear Lord please forgive us and guide us,
illumine what in us is dark 
a birthday comes it came and went
What is  birthday happiness ? then...
June you are the best month 
and this year more so as you touch
 the Holy Month before you go…
I am happy for I was with my family
 and my family had me…we need to be grateful for all 
the blessings we are blind to
pray do not go for more as we have enough
 more than enough love kindness care 
home and a homeland …
Dear June
 you were never so red but
 I am hopeful for you have always brought gifts
 for me -please bring gifts for all the people this year
Blow cool winds shower cool rain 
and drench us all with peace and gratitude…


I think I hear some thunder in the distance I will go and check….


  1. powerful poem...the i cried section really shows your heart...and sets up nicely the seeing of the bullets and blood...and then the roll into the prayer...really an effective set up...and heart felt...