Wednesday, June 18, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Light and Dark ~ "Not The Last"

It is always the same day and night
darkness prevails before the light
Nature loves us in all colors
gives us perpetual favors
we count the days
we say it is the last
sometimes shortest
sometimes longest
each moment becomes the past
boundless open and vast
Blessings abound slow and fast
majestic evening descends
as I too watch through

the living room window
beauty merges and emerges
it is not the last but just a cover
as the year end crosses over
colors, lights, birds and leaves
quietly doze off to sleep
 evening  time Nature's enrapture
as I click my camera,  to capture...


  1. A very cool photo - taken to capture that moment - and your poem did as well. Lovely.

  2. Thank you friend Sherry the drawing is from the Pencil Files.I love writing Nature Poems.

  3. i like the description of all giving Nature in her true color here ...nice poem & photo :)

  4. Such a peaceful poem that is bound in wisdom.
    Lovely picture and artwork

  5. LOVE! And it is the same, despite appearances. Something to count on. I love the place/phrase "resting room" and your photos.

    1. Thank you Susan it is the best place in the house.The lounge /sun room opening on the terrace -The sun dances in all colors and glorious sunsets have manifested -The Magnificence of the Lord Almighty

  6. Yes the resting room window so wonderful..could almost feel through your words and photos what it might be like to be there

    1. Dear Jae Thank you as I was reading the comments I realized the connotations of 'rest room'.It is an example of 'language usage but it does create a little humor-actually the place is a small lounge/living area cum study and the door opens on the terrace Nature abounds in beauty in all seasons.

  7. nature loves us in all colors....def my fav line....
    gotta love that golden light flooding into your waiting room as well...

  8. LOVE the capture of the sunlight in that photo -- gorgeous! And...each moment becomes the past. Beautiful!