Monday, July 28, 2014

For Some Festive ~ For Some ~ Fatal

Life moves in time in moment sublime
in moments painful in moments divine

life begins so joyfully  with smiles yet
ends cuttingly, bodies scatter for miles

a month of obligation abstinence patience
teaches lessons of resilient tolerance

end  a celebration a gratitude for completion
festive for some for some fatal cremation

horrible terrible  killing fear murder cruelty
enemy advances ending lives brutally

Death Death Death all around ,will come
If it be not now,  yet it will,  for sure, come'

when the hearts bleed beat slowly slowly
when kids are burning dying, what is Holy?

what festivity what feast what happiness
what is Eid ~ what is care for family ?

a moment joyful reveals life is temporary
next, we should know heaven and eternity

Ah how truly said the great romantic poet 
' In the very temple of delight resides veiled melancholy'

Thursday, July 24, 2014

~ Finding An Old Wooden Bench ~

I woke up to another morning
or rather I was awake 
till the breaking of dawn, 
Oh but what is 
If I may think
though the mind is filled
with loud piercing sounds,
sirens and screams
and the eyes filled 
with flowing red and flowing 
black and flying debris

who can think of sleeping?

If I could find and reach
an old wooden bench
in a garden peaceful
or by a silent empty 
roadside lined  shaded
with Çinar
and I could feel safe
in lonely comfort

 Whose bench is this?
who placed it here?
who was so kind?
who cared for the old?

But still if I find 
would I be able to
sit awhile awaiting the
closure of my laden eyes

for long awake on foamy floor
fearing the crashing of the door
with all the floods storms
and earthquakes I know
the Beast is somewhere near
and so
I cannot think of sleeping

am I awake to the Truth?

Could someone tell me 
If I do find
on an old wooden bench
what is real awakening?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Smile for The Spirit ~

I smile a quiet smile
when your thoughts tingle
in my mind,in the darkness
I smile,lest others close
may see the love 
that I still feel, mingled
with memories sweet-
my heart does beat a jingle
I hear,at the sound 
of your step on the steps,
I turn around,no one is there
again I smile for I know
its not just a whiff of air
in the darkness
your thoughts fair
bring you near I don't fear
in the darkness, you are
my support my spirit
I smile
and quietly wipe away
from my eye, a sliding tear-

Friday, July 11, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ The Key ~ Unlocked Without a Key ~

Life revolves around  keys
of all sorts ringed and bound
waking up to a whole bunch 
I learnt their jingling sound

so precious they were I saw
holding gold without a flaw
door fridge box and tin,all
were locked except the bin

school began with piano keys
following Alice in Wonderland
all opening all lost and found
a key to clock 'chimes of hand'

Prayer is the key to Paradise
wake up before dawn and rise
stay fresh peaceful and read the
 Book,gain knowledge be wise

then you may see the Order 
and hear the celestial song 
the spirit unlocked without 
the key, All Right, No Wrong

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Half Year ~

half year roses half year love
half year waiting for miracles
from the Heavens above

half year moves from Spring
to summers scorching heat
water scarce swollen feet

half way is the year ending
closing accounts in banking
no mon or fun no thanking'

Nature always makes perfect
nothing half hearted a purpose 
or never would have started

why do we say six is half way
or 12 is full soft and benign
For Nature's full circle is at nine 

yet all things have a half and full
all must keep the time to pull
calculations are Bears and  Bull

half the year may be good and bright 
half dark and tragic without much respite
if one half is heavy the other will be light'