Monday, July 28, 2014

For Some Festive ~ For Some ~ Fatal

Life moves in time in moment sublime
in moments painful in moments divine

life begins so joyfully  with smiles yet
ends cuttingly, bodies scatter for miles

a month of obligation abstinence patience
teaches lessons of resilient tolerance

end  a celebration a gratitude for completion
festive for some for some fatal cremation

horrible terrible  killing fear murder cruelty
enemy advances ending lives brutally

Death Death Death all around ,will come
If it be not now,  yet it will,  for sure, come'

when the hearts bleed beat slowly slowly
when kids are burning dying, what is Holy?

what festivity what feast what happiness
what is Eid ~ what is care for family ?

a moment joyful reveals life is temporary
next, we should know heaven and eternity

Ah how truly said the great romantic poet 
' In the very temple of delight resides veiled melancholy'

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