Sunday, August 31, 2014

~ In Response to Dr Susan L Chast's Poem ~ 'Just Saying ' ~

Inspiration can come from anywhere ' For the following lines it was
The Title of the Poem 'Just Saying'  

If Icarus would lend me his wings 
I would ask Aeolus to fly me high
across the sea,beyond the mountain
find and destroy the angry anguine

Just Saying !

White or black it does not matter
I would fit in  and lie as a key
metamorphosed into minor octave
and play a tune of the tribe Twi !

Just Saying !

If I could study at Hogwarts'
I would learn wizardry of all wars
waving wands and casting spells take
 all weapons to  turn them into  stars 

Just Saying ! 

No, Not This Time 

For Kerry's Sunday Feature Artist ~ Kelly Letky at ~ Imaginary Garden with Real Toads ~ Was this the Road?

For Kerry's Sunday Feature Artist- Kelly Letky 
at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

It did not look like the 'road not taken'
nor did it seem untrodden
though silently deserted,
cranky voices of travelers
mumbling, walking slowly,
some with sticks some with bags
clothes tattered, soiled like rags
what wanderers, gypsies
or knights are these, perhaps
disguised, going where?
to unknown inns and places,
who will find the real traces
of cart and carriage wheels
dug deep ruts in mud and mire,
who will know Ye Olde Captain
smelling of rum and whiskey?
in strange attire-patriotic spirit afire
what sweet whistles and jingles
of keys and songs are these?
what rustling of maps and tinkles
of coins, of silver and gold
dusty and crumpled but preciously
held, as sonorously they stumble-
forward determined, some on horses,
lamblers, no racers, no hurry no worry,
they move and giggle n grumple,
no heroic braves may know
this was the way to go-
now all is quiet, steeped
in solitude, fresh and green
the scene changed from seen
to unseen, was this the road
that saw ten thousand men?
who brought grand glory
to Ye Olde England!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

~ 31st August ~ I Wish I Had Not Seen This ~

I wish I had not seen  this but I did 
for I was free and so I thought in
my own country,
on the screen what
all was happening on the street
it is not a foreign place nor foreign 
are the men on the beat
How safe we are today at home?
I wish I had not seen this-

from time to time I cried and 
prayed and prayed with the people,
felt the hurt they suffered -what if 
it had been me or mine -but it is
to me it could happen -so are we free?
How safe we are today at home?
I wish I had not seen this-

I see them smile hardly 4 6 7 and 10-
 my own kids with such responsibility
and I thought 'I crossed barbed wires
and so soon the wires are back in place-?
and in my own free country?
I wish I had not seen this  

 they said it was a new country
 our own land our own home free 
the colonial crown is down 
gone is the purple gown- 
but so soon we are marching again
in the sun in the rain with deep pain
sonorous thumping sounds as
 breathing is heavy the eyes burn 
we are still trying to remove the stain'
I wish I had not seen this'

who is right who is true who
is for me and who is for you?
O you who are so cruel and
all ready to kill and duel-
remember that in the end it is 
nothing but a Pyrrhic victory-

the grave you dig for others
may be your own who knows
the wealth you gather now,will
 be no more in hands or shows' 
but when greed and wine is in
arrogance flows and the wit is out
all is soon over but the shout'

I wish I had not seen this 
But I wish a time, I would like to see
my own free land in peace and bliss
free for all people equally 

I wish and pray....and hope ...and....

~ 'Aaj Ka Insaan' ~

Aaj ka insaan kuch bhi dar guzar karta nahi hai
aaj ka insaan Allah se nahi machron se darta hai

kyun ustaad ki zubaan mei aqwaal e zarin nahi
aaj ka ustaad kiya likhta hai kya parrhta hai

aaj ka insaan pyaar muhabat ka bhooka hai 
har nazar pe nazar har haath pe haath rakhta hai

har ghareeb be kaar har ameer dost lagta hai
aaj ka insaan kiya apnaata hai kya parakhta hai

dosti narmi sabar o bardaasht kahan hai
sab ko  tez ghusse ka bukhaar charrhta hai

aaj ka insaan taish ka samaan karta hai
aai ka insaan shaitaan ki hamdardi karta hai

aaj ka insaan dehshat gard hai-banta hai
aaj ka insaan to bas paise ke liye marta hai


 Copyright CER 2014 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In Response to Brenda's Wordle ~174 ~ And So I Ask ~

If anyone, a Demimonde be

who made her so and  so I ask

buried in deep  graves at birth

what a short life on Earth 

anyone gave, or is giving? so I ask 

mother symbolized , Mother sacred

crying candle, gypsy unclaimed

desiring to wander than beg asylum

in her own native country

 a Nomad who made her so? so I ask 

Arabia  Africa Asia West or East

is she a bait for the lustful beast?

Ubuntu’ Ubuntu’  She seeks  Thee

None  Confessions to the Priest

             Chastity by spiritually deceased? so I ask

        I Me Mine  Myself what can I say

      oranges in the garden some areas gray

     obey follow laws,  transgress or delay 

   be with grandeur  and rites of tay 

       serve best yet  no one will stay, so I ask? 

Wordle : Myself transgression rites gray oranges  Africa asylum candle Demimonde grand 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

In Response to ~ Patterns of Life ~ by Victoria C Slotto in - dVerse Meeting the Bar ~ Solitude ~

when I sit alone by myself
 gazing at the boundless sky
often I see a solitary bird
gliding gracefully far up high

                                                             Then I do not think myself alone 

When I tread on ground or grass
trees and flowers and plants I pass
flies buzz around,butterflies flutter
ants walk in line as if to class

                                                                 Then I do not think myself alone 

when I search the Heavens seven 
created in layers consistent, my
questing vision perceives no break
but patterns amazing  in the firmament
                                                                     Then I do not think myself alone

when I look at the pedestrians path
cars and buses pass on the road
tyres screech horns honk loud 
faces smile in advertisement boards

                                                                       Then I do not think myself alone

busy days work is at its end
how time passed how did it fly
words thought more,less,penned
as stars appear to shine in the sky

                                                                    Then I do not think myself alone

days work done and prayers said
peace in my heart no fears no dread
then thoughts of a friend come to me
a source of comfort and company 

                                                                   Then I do not think myself alone

faith in Allah my Guardian Dear
when He is near I have no fear
when a friend is  sincere and I
 have the patient courage to bear 

                                                                   Then I do not think myself alone

Photograph 'Clouds' is from my personal photo album  Copyright CER 201

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In Response to 'Native Seed '


Unseen Chambers of life 
 felt only

unknown features of strife
welt only

sacred   duty  of a seed
birth only

all divinity all mystery
Beauty  only

Intimacy in distant space
invisible sense only

 Love in silence , heard 
in silence only 

Ah life, thou came grew lived to die only

One Known, One Truth,

One Power Only

In response to Poem 'Native Seeds' by Dr Susan Chast at POETS UNITED

In Response to ' Native Seeds' ~ More Than Roses ~

It’s even more than roses express

the color of the heart's flow
felt in  veins which do not show
heard in  sounds of the beat slow-
I myself do not know,like Earth-
when the stem came in to grow

perhaps the seed already there
 needed the green to begin  care-
and now my restless soul seeks
the roots of the rose that keeps
me awake pierced in tears

 thorns touch creating fears –
I reach for the sweet aroma
breathe deep to inhale incense
I reach out to feel the petals
  I'm held by forbidden clutches

why do we connect with souls
who merge with the  spirit
bring peace and calm, then
amalgamating, silently leave 
cease, after  applying the balm

Now I gather the roses again
in vain, though, to ease the pain,
   of my  Quest for Ultimate Truth 
I seek the saving soul all over
 Whom I hope to meet, in pure rain.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif - Social Good ~ If I am an Educator ~

Midweek Motif: Social Goods

My Choice  from Mr Mohandas Gandhi ji's 
Seven Deadly Sins of Society         

                                       'Education Without Character'

If I am an Educator
My talk and walk should show
My vision of where to go
In the future
My work should prove
My mission to improve
The learners
The beginners
The misled
I believe that our spirits
are not yet dead;
Just at odd moments I feel
Have I failed
The Message
To reveal?
The mist still floats 
At times with the breeze
Descends amidst the trees                 
Is it here to stay
Or is it to warn us
Of The Good Right Way?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In Response to 'Intimacy"

 I cannot work because
There is something or someone 
who talks to me
And keeps me waiting

If only I could see The Spirit
Which I feel close, yet so far
Placing the bar 
on my thoughts and actions,

I cannot think because
 my mind is quiet not stirring
Lest  sweet words of The Spirit
May not find their way in

And I may crush the tender layer thin
In between which keeps us bound,
I cannot let go the joy
 in my heart I have found

at hearing  mellifluous melody
of  affectionate aura around,
seeping in the soul  making peace
washing smoothly away the tears

and the fears so deep,
I can now sleep with ease
For I cannot speak or say
of the Good Night Prayer

That descends in time so rare
And I cannot say that If I wake
Life may be like a snow flake
White and pure and sure, as

The Angels in Heaven, make.

Poem 'Intimacy' by Dr Susan Chast at Poets United 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

~ Reflecting Memories ~

Just Yesterday
It seems in  memories
we read about the Great Flood

Just Yesterday
We heard stories
Of the killing and the flowing blood

Just yesterday
we suffered and tread
And crossed borders through ‘The Great Divide

Just yesterday
We played ‘touch the tree’
hopscotch marbles seek and hide

Just Yesterday
We drove around in
Chevrolet s Fiats with Jeeps beside

Just yesterday
we spent warm afternoons
lazing and building castles in the sand

Just yesterday
running for the ice lolly
at the tapping of the Cart man's hand

Today I look at
Photographs reflecting memories
Of moments good and bad

Just yesterday
some others' ruled
many people,easily fooled

Today young or old
Memories happy and sad
In  photographs are all we hold.

Just Happiness or sorrow
Who knows tomorrow
So I tear and pile up
Heaps of paper, to be sold.

Monday, August 11, 2014

~ A Sacred Gain ~

How to say that 
a calm vision flashes again 
How to convey, solemn serenity
descends to ease the pain
How to stop the love 
that wishes to explain
How to express that the heart
beats in memories enchained

How to convince that a
peaceful presence remains
How to relate the tenderness
felt so deep in the domains
How to connect the eternal loss
that  good health claims ?

Some hand held close the sweet
scent till it rose till waves were calm
warm was the coat and the palm
till darkness engulfed the misty heat

the clasp unclasped letting go
slowly sinking to the sandy floor
love's hope fell, held no more 
You too say? like all before?

So sank the precious rose 
like a heart of hope but not 
of Faith as deep and vast as
the seas and oceans eternal,pure'

Let me just believe then
that it is fear of the sharp thorn
the sweet scent is but a refrain -
life’s safe lodging is but torn
where once  life itself was born

floating abandoned in dangers deep
Faith  guides to safer havens to keep
 unseen love ever holds the hand
lifts up the tender  petals to higher land

 remember if once love comes your way
have faith accept and hold, make it stay
 patience and peace will reign....
there is always a personal loss
where once there was  a sacred gain

Sunday, August 10, 2014

~ What the Screaming Silence Said ~

I have never felt about life this way
How one stays alive and then goes away
so many passings I have seen 
I wonder now where I have been
or maybe be one day-

distances may vary and feelings deep
one can be alive and sleep-
or one can die and sleep!
These lines are coming as I think of you
maybe we some day, meet

April or  March are the cruelest months
Strangely July was sacred joyous and cruel  
even now in August I feel tears falling
across the oceans far away, sadness
separation eternal says 'the silent calling'

killing blood spilling, kill kill kill'
run run run hide hide' lie hide truth
Waste more the Wasteland -no more 
are the loving ones around, only
screaming silences sound

A war within a war
A war so far a war on a star,
Detonating deafening destructing 
A war on sand a war on land
   War on terror, war by error? 

what the screaming silence said
hills or deserts ground or air
bombs strike rockets blast
nothing is fair just fast -no time
 screaming jets bring screams -beware

who will have power will show it all
forgetting that one day there is a fall
what buildings may be high or tall
towers scrapers spires or a burj
 Great Power takes it with just One Call'

memories left and memories told 
all the rest is dead and cold
futile is the choice to be so bold
all must fade, all grow old
what was new is one day sold

See how the Mighty are Fallen'
Stonehenge Syria Libya Iraq or Rome
All played their part all gone home
'so write a waltz and play a tune 
give joy and happiness before all is ruin'

Friday, August 8, 2014

~ Thoughts on ~ 14th August 2014 ~ In Freedom ~

In Freedom There is Fear
When a close and dear 
one, is no more,

In Freedom there is Blood
When All you made in life
Is washed away in flood;

In freedom there is sacrifice
When all you claim and own
Is taken away without a price;

In freedom there is Liberty
For many just a statue
All fights, no rights, nor equality;

In Freedom there are letters
promises and false hopes
as soon you are in iron fetters;

In Freedom I was born
I never saw my land 
I long for
 In dewdrops in the morn;

In Freedom there is a gift 
treasure not and you find
it floating by and adrift;

In Freedom there is love
peace and harmony
Hold it strong with the rope above; 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

In Response to ~ Brian's Meeting The Bar: It’s a small, small world — at dVerse Poets Pub ~

 people, at first strangers
enter  soul's chambers

 create a spark, a fire 
 In  scattered ashes

One reaches out  to touch
 nothingness, visible

To hold, yet
 the presence is felt, known

as the hidden heart connects
 in unseen oceans of emotions