Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Hiroshima or Ring a Bell ~ Why Death is Black and Burning ~

Poets United ~ Dr Susan Chast's  Midweek Motif

Why time stops still
 the killer finds the kill
so suddenly coming?

why sharp is the strike
cutting like a knife
leaving us  bleeding?

why common places
 are becoming Senlac?
why life is like a racetrack?

who is fighting for what 
and for what winning?
this was not said by Our Lord so Loving

why we dig but graves to fill?
On top of the High Hill
 do you see Proud Lucifer smiling ?

My heart with fear trembling
cannot for a moment be calm and still
hearing shattering glass and sirens shrill

Another blast another attack-
screams cries blood biting back
why Death is burning and Black?


  1. Why, indeed! And this voice is timeless. Black rain may never fall again--I hope--the way it did at Hiroshima--but the "why?" must be screamed out by anyone in any war zone anywhere. I, myself, am beginning to consider the existence of a Devil because humans cannot seem to stop destroying our own kind.

  2. A heartfelt and poignant write...

  3. Your words cause much reflection. I see a devil leading people to deal these cruel, destructive deeds.

  4. The world can certainly seem in a relentless state of darkness and war

  5. Thank you Friends for your time and views.

  6. Very well written. War is a harsh thing you captured it well.

    1. Thank you Mr Meisner You are a great writer and I highly appreciate your visit and views.Best regards.