Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TUESDAY POEM ~ Remembering September ~ Wither Your Joys and Peace ~

Chinaar Tree Road Abbottabad Pakistan

During the senior school years
there were hardly any fears
and the best I remember
 the movie 'Come September'
the dance was the Twist'
Rock n Roll  also on the list
so  peaceful I can still hear
the silence of the summer,
the snow and the mist;

Then came  younger days when
care and responsibility ensnares
life's serious order is 'stay in the den'
do not dare and face many 'bewares'

but that September that came
brought a war of blame
so many brave died
so many fled and lied'
nothing was gained
nothing dark came to light
the only outcome of all that might'
was the beginning of another long fight;

so yet again September it was
A Tuesday crash and burn'~
happily we prepared for 
my daughter's life took a turn
we found the right boy to wed
 all was joy and vows were said;
amid all this happiness and fun
 came a shock to many not one,
the event that made the world
shake and tremble, 
on the 11th of September;


will there ever be peace again
when we could hear the drops of rain
 light was the hurt  less was the pain
 we could dance to the tune.that I remember
Yes it was, it was, it was...'Come September'...
OH September....? whither your joys and peace?

what should we remember 
the melody or the number?


  1. Replies
    1. a time unforgettable Thank you for your visit and time

  2. That unforgettable time in September, I almost forgot about it ~ Thanks for the tribute ~

  3. A reminder that is both personal and out reaching! I think 9/11 as a date and event will remain forever engraved in our collective memories.