Sunday, September 7, 2014

~ Universal Emotions ~ If I Could reach You ~

If I could reach you any time I feel like
and talk to you like the way good friends
do I am sure -
You must be wishing the same too
But cannot do so even if we wanted to

life is too harsh and insecure now
I know, you cannot share the secret 
of your thoughts, you may fret
at the responsibilities that are set
For us, in this vicious circle
entangling us at all times and all level;

you know how I feel about you
But do you believe now?
Would you come to see me?
Perhaps yes, perhaps no
But You have other things to view-

The unwell the hurt, the fettered,
 all need you more than I do!
Where ever I may be  should you worry?
Our ways were not the same, Oh so sorry
If I could reach you I would tell you
How much I think of you
How much your vision appears and 
How much I weep and keep
a smiling face before other tears
stream down silently and I 
ask myself -why did I meet
See you in life-

If I could reach you I would ask 
You may have the answer 
Why people have fears?
If I could reach you I may get
the peace that I got before
and thought it would stay
But nothing is forever,
But why do we miss people 
and think about them 
even if they do not wish 
to be remembered.

If I could reach you I would tell you
it was something  in your eyes
and your affectionate smiles
two things that bring people close
And love is then  called  'A Rose'-

If I could reach you I would tell you
You take my time flow in my thoughts, 
still even if you are away
for miles and miles,for miles and miles


  1. beautiful... can feel it really close... can relate completely.

  2. ah what a heart felt write..a yearning to tell them all these things...there is almost and underlying desperation in this too me that is endearing...

    1. Dear Mr Brian true emotions come from the heart and soul