Thursday, October 30, 2014

For Dverse Poets Pub ~ Poetics – War Poetry ~ A POW’s Thoughts ~ Returning Safely from Battlefield ~

I am beside you once again
Now be it sun storm or rain,
Sorrow and fear are away, afar,
Happiness floods me gone is the pain
Of loneliness , peaceful is the soul;
chains of captivity broken at last
How wonderful, how precious  feels
The sweet breath of freedom;
Home again, among love and care
Ah! Home is something very rare!
With thanks to Allah, I bow, low,
Bless me Oh Lord ! to you I pray,
Give me courage to defend my land
If need arises, and duty calls, any day.


  1. when you find that freedom, from captivity...whether physical and tangible...or spiritual...its a wonderful thing....praise indeed...

    1. Thank you Mr Brian these lines were inspired by the release of 90,000 POWs from Bangla Desh (East Pakistan) in 1973- unusual in the history of the Sub Continent

  2. Those who once experienced captivity know the price of freedom.

  3. To go through all that and be willing to fight again, that is loyalty beyond ken. beautiful poem/prayer.

  4. Idealism like this is something to be amazing really, after having been a POW for many years. Well penned, Anjum.

  5. Any homecoming is welcomed but in these circumstances even more so..well penned

  6. Thank you Dr Susan Mary and Jae -this is the strength of faith and belief

  7. Homecoming is truly wonderful ~ Lovely prayer, thanks for sharing ~