Sunday, October 12, 2014

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Sunday's Mini-Challenge: Eugenio Montale ~ A Distance Divides Us ~

 a distance divides us
life like a  deep dark well reflects ignorant fear 
as  parched listless bodies await their turn
which can is mine each thinks as up they rise
in a line, now they are full now empty 
dropping water as it collects -they say
a distance divides us

sky is filled with shining stars 'bejeweled for
 pleasure of all mankind,each in its own orbit
twinkling sparkling shooting falling 
shine through the night giving company
showing the way, stay till day, and say
a distance divides us

how can we know by just seeing a face
how much truth there is how much grace
one rejects faith one shares love - may
seem a sinning killer from above, 
intimacy in suspicion,breaks all space

leaves a void-a vision, to say
a  distance divides us

                                                                   © anjum wasim dar 2014

Inspired By the Poem 
The Well
By Eugenio Montale 
(Cigola la carrucola del pozzo)
The pulley of the well-shaft creaks,
water rises to the light and dissolves you.
A memory trembles in the refilled pail,
an image smiles in its pure circle.
Touch your face to evanescent lips:
the past wavers, grows old,
belongs to another…
Ah, how the wheel groans
already, returns you to the dark depths,
vision, a distance divides us.


  1. Yes, so it is unless breached and questions asked and answered ... wonderful use ofrepetition, of filling and emptying.

    1. Thank you Dr Susan I felt the poem was incomplete and wanted to add another stanza to finish on a positive note-You have given the exact cue...the synthesis of the theme