Sunday, October 5, 2014

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Flash Fiction ~ 55 ~ Long Awaited Reply ~

O' Letter O' Brief Line,
complete, nothing better,
Fears dispelled, 

pearls of joy,
eyes shed

metamorphosed tsunami
crossing beaches,
bonded fetters 

     drowning clinging pain
tears surge,
 few words sent
for another’s joy 
meant, in content,

a line returned
a lesson learnt
words sincere
from the heart
love returned
no one can 
the bond severe 
no one can part

                                                                              © anjum wasim dar 2014

Written for  IGWRT Flash Fiction


  1. I just raced through the darn thing, then had to go back and enjoy the "sights"...well done at 55mph :-)

    1. Thank You Respected Friend I am much encouraged, I am just a beginner in this form of writing

  2. There is nothing like a letter, the gift of handwritten words...such a beautiful write

    1. Thank you Susie, Yes indeed-I used to write many letters to friends cousins and even to the local newspaper...but then things changed.Physical mail comes in the forms of 'Bills'...

  3. Beautiful. If only the tears were all pearls and never pain--impossible I suppose. But a few well-chosen words can ease a heart and clarify friendship. I have learned that a person can also be overwhelmed by torrrents of words. I like how you distinguish that here with metaqphors that speak volumes.