Wednesday, October 22, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ One Day in the Life of ... ~ 'In This Age ...

Its a new day every day `

 routines change with time 

Closed doors pin drop silence
Raise the blinds let the light in
Electricity ? off again
Long trek to the kitchen –
Down the stairs, in
the age  of ' maintenance
and repairs’
‘ its his heart’ and my knee’
Slowly now if you slip
Who will rub away the pain?
An hour gone water boils-
Tea and cereal is all the toil’
Nothing else is, but sitting
Reading by 'laptop' and knitting

meditation more than five, follow
‘Guidance’ for life, how to stay alive-
Today is rest from any cooking, I
Wish to eat some spicy recipe'
Doctor forbids 'not to swallow'

So am just sitting and looking
Half the day Scrabbled away-
Half the day in waiting-
something cooked 'might be coming…
kids n daughter maybe bringing'...

Gone are the days when days were days
Laughter music company and ‘plays’
Life slowly moves to such a station
When ‘humph’ uh’ ah’ and what?
Is all - the day’s conversation.

then of course ...
there are moments of sad isolation
tablets,syrup a'must medication',but 
All in a day is all  quiet and peaceful
Life is kind -I try to be fully grateful; 

Happiness and to be happy is an art 
let the heart  joyful friendship,radiate
let it not be obnubilated and solemn
let the spirit be free and delight create;

                                                            Copyright anjum wasim dar 2014


  1. Happiness is an we sometimes have to practice hard and leaves all too quickly..even in a the photos

  2. I really liked the progression of your poem. Sometimes we have to take life as it comes and enjoy it as it comes. I don't think we can bemoan the loss of the old days, as they are forever the past; but we have to find our joys, though different, in today's world.

  3. Days come to us with promises and challenges. I appreciate the way your pendulum swings.
    Be comforted in your day...

  4. "Obnubilated" is a new one for me--I like it better than "obfuscated" and it seems to be in the same family. What a poem! From a blessed silence to the reality of maintenance and repairs--not alone for a body, but also for the needs of a house, relationship and community. Sitting and Knitting and the slow pace and pindrop silence are kind and welcome--though I can't picture that comfort/stillness within your busy mind which delights to create (to spin out your poem). And what a unified piece/peace, Anjum, titled with both irony and love "In this age: It's a new day Every Day." Very fine!

  5. Life slowly changes.....I resonated with much of is a fine balance between blessed solitude and feelings of loneliness..........I felt glad that your daughter might bring something for supper. How kind!

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    2. Thank you Sherry -I can cook but would rather avoid if possible and give more time to academic work-my daughter brings some treat whenever she comes -but I find myself waiting though I know she is not free...with all kids away -I feel very lonely at times but God is always there -so praying is the best ..

  6. You have rightly said Respected Dr Susan -silence prevails when I am alone in the house-a true Gemini is intensely active on the mental plane-the physical cannot keep pace so gets to spend all time in reading and writing-Thank you for your encouraging appreciation-your words bring profound motivation -I look forward to more interesting prompts-Insha Allah

    1. Then I think I must be a Gemini, though the calendar says Cancer. I am surprised you quote astrology!

  7. "The days when days were days" really grabbed me. Such a weight.

  8. Your poem expresses so much - sorrow, gratitude, acceptance, memories of days gone. So true that routines change, life changes and we change with it. Nice that your daughter is so helpful.

  9. We seem to have a bit of a theme this week, on ageing - and everyone finding the joy depsite the exigencies!

    1. Thank you Rosemary -Your visit is an honor-indeed it is so...'as the poet says 'grow old with grace-the best is yet to be'