Saturday, November 1, 2014

~ Random Thoughts in Oblivion ~

Darkness engulfs when eyes are closed
sleep like death drowns in oblivion
nothing felt nothing  perceived

in unknown lands the spirit slips
flying amid visions, hours uncounted, 
flying in spaces in gorges steep 

  who thinks in heart and mind,calls
a trance strange, casts a pall, move
and turn consciousness recalls 

open eyes to feel alive its the same 
silence broken by a dog's bark 
bed chair cover  blanket and walls

four days away with broken links
what thoughts flow what one may play
missing someone? Oh do not say...

come finish the tasks that you must
you have faith with truth and trust
sincere intent  love  pure and just

judge not O heart you do not know
other than what words may show
be true, write true  make hope flow

Words are sacred words are holy
words guide words are company 
words are  comfort words are lovely

words first make the way to love
words from the heart reach the heart 
and convey the truth from above