Thursday, December 18, 2014

~ 'For Whom The Blood Flows ~

O for whom the blood flowed first
when we were the young children 
we knew by which enemy for what
cause reason or  division of land

we lost hundreds and hundreds then
we got the land for faith and peace
we knew the flag and leadership
but down the line,lost was the grip

somewhere entered the evil mind
slashing loyalty leaving faith behind
everything further divided destroyed
killers shooters n enemies employed 

life became money and money life
race to be rich in struggle and strife
a freedom attained became enchained
 freedom protests in free country life- 

 strangest demand with song n dance 
putting the children young in a trance
once again we know the enemy for sure
but a nation dead, not alive anymore--

when beauty salons and fashion grow
destructive decline of civilizations show 
O people where did you lose the way?
is faith weak, have we gone astray?

For whom the warm blood flows now?
 gold of hemlock  have we drunk
growing greed  broken kinships 
how deep have we, in Lethe sunk?

what does it mean in a country free?
are we free, then still ask, to be free ?
when bells toll and muezzin's call
then surely the bells toll for you and me

but death is rampant brutal and rude
we have forgotten  Aad and Samood
death will visit again,who knows
  to separate lives, leave bodies in pain

smiling young innocent laughter
quietened for ever in green clothes
 grieved, shocked at butchering blows
O For Whom,the blood so young flows ?

helpless I feel but write I must
wake up faith, let us be just
rise repent, follow the true path
 before as dust, we all return,to dust.

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