Saturday, January 24, 2015

For POETRY JAM ~ January 20 2015 ~ Writing ~ As a writer, if I Be ~

One that I wish to be
One, I wanted to be called
But I was constantly stalled
What is there in this for you?
It’s not something that is true
What a waste of time sitting
And just drawing lines

But who knows the secret of it all
A writer to be is not The Great Fall;

The writer is Supreme
On any Theme
A writer is Eternal
A writer is the cream
Of thoughts ideas and views
Of visions stories and news
Of emotions happy or sad
Of feelings loving or mad
Of happiness love tragedy or drama
A writer is even The Great Dalai Lama!

So I can be, a user of the pen
And take a pseudo name among men
But now it’s not sitting and staring
At the pc, so mum and dumb,
Your thoughts must touch
The keyboard, and reach as such
The page that is blank

Must reflect the thoughts in ranks
This must continue for hours and hours
And words must form the patterns
And forms, for readers who yearn
To learn and feel good,
They know they are, understood
So to be the writer one must write
And sit from morning till late at night.

And so the Writer with the Pen
Must be Right and be a Guide
Be the History Maker of the Light
Lead the Field in the stride
Non violent Peaceful and Tolerant
Not with any race or creed but
Democracy and Plebiscite
So if you wish to be The One
Then Be the Best and
Second to None
Or leave the pen and the scene
And just read the lines, in between.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Fashion ~ Fashions in Language ~

To be or not to be
'a fashioned' in style and stand
to be grand or be appreciated by all in the land;
but who am I who will tell or know....
till I join the band or should I?
that is the will the country know that
there are more people talented than meets the eye
there is another story to tell than the 'Love’s One'
there are some who serve and are thrown out
Hey, `You just leave`...what politeness what care
..but He is The Boss! So He can say;
But let not the Laws unjust unfair put you down
Move on!  The Earth is all green blue and a bit brown;
And there are fashions all around…I would say
Fashions in Gab
Fashions in Nab
Fashions in Dab
But most of All the Fashion in Language left me stabbed;
I am now from Madam Anjum Dar to M A D.

(abbreviations of my name plus the title - Madam Anjum Dar-on one of my student’s ELT assignment)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For IGWRT ~ The Tuesday Platform! Ah Old Harley Street, If Only You could Speak

Where art thou? With All Thy Grace and Treat
Where evening cool breeze would gently sweep
And the open spaces would be free and neat;
Where I learned to ride the bicycle and Greet
My friends who came out to meet- 

Ah Harley Street! where art thou?
With memories sweet-
This same road where bell tingling tongas
With strong horses and shining leather reins 
Would lift the learning loads and stay on the beat-
At that time, this same road was all for residents 
No sounds, not even an innocent lambs bleat.

Ah Harley Street! where art thou?
So defiant in dilapidated defeat!-
YOU seem to be there still serving in retreat-
Though gone is the tar rubble crush and concrete;

AH Harley Street . All is not lost.
Courage never to submit or yield- YOU have the BEST on YOU
YOU are replete with –Institutes of Education
Tuition Guidance and Dedication- But AH there’s the rub-
The cuts craters humps and dilapidation-
OH Lord, what are WE learning and teaching 
 in this  precarious condition? That is the question-
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the slings and jumps of outrageous travel
The heart aches and the thousand natural shocks that the flesh is heir to-
Or to take arms against oceans of ditchy trouble..err. rubble-
And by appealing begging imploring “Please Sir , may we have some more” AH NO! 
Or by opposing clean sweep them….

Who would bear the whips and scorns of time immemorial
The laws delay, the repairs astray,  the rains decay ; AH SILENCE!
Do we continue to grunt and sweat under a weary life?
Or has conscience made cowards of us all?
OH Fair Poetess, soft you now , Ah There’s The Bump..OUCH…..
OOHHHHH CANTONMENT…’Who’s There?????????

For IGWRT ~ Sunday Mini-Challenge ~ In Other Words ~ ' The City of Colored Pencils '

The city of colored pencils
unique, subdued than one of
skyscrapers where no lead falls

The city of sleek thin forms
rolling balancing doodling
norms,with rubber base erasers

laid tight in rectangular boxes
traveling in schoolbag pockets
prized possessions for learners

scribbling scratching sharpening
points raising alarms with
 shading  cross hatching  scumbling

peaceful drawing sketching 
till 'cutter sharpeners' appeared
sharpened blade twisters, feared

all hopes lay in Pencileeze Hall
Dame Red,Orange Mustard 
Blackolor,Grassy  and Cardinal

Learning and Education solved
the Case, signing Peace with Grace
'Cut No pencil,til out of place'

and so the City of confused slate
was lit with wooden forest fate
  to write 'truth'n remove 'hate' 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

For IGWRT ~ Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Fireblossom Friday: Winter ~ Seeking Peace ~

 Immune to all seasons
mobility gifted, this is the
place of grace
I look for

seeking solace in strife
silence serene this is the
 the snowy ice
I long for

no footsteps visible
none passed this way
not for long
can I stay

Winter has elegance
peaceful purity, this is the
right cool way
you must go

tread softly in step
frozen guile,this is the
border you cross
to Heaven, be  

in moments measured
steadfast trees, this is the
beacon you need
be like one

and now I leave,
secure bridge, this is the
link to connect
love spirit and me

Friday, January 16, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Birthdays ~ My Birthday Came..That Year...

My birthday came and went by
Silently across the Aegean Sea
Hellenism serene seemed the sky
And I thought  am I really sixty?

                                                        O'    Great Queen of Great Britain
I look up to you- I am no Royalty
But Grace , and so amazing
I am alone , yet I have the ocean
beauty, the starlit sky
I don't need to cry
My birthday came and went
No cards, no Hello, no Bye Bye.

My birthday came and I held my mug
of tea and sat on the terrace alone
and quietly; I sipped slowly and thought-
I am well, have a job and daylong company
so what if no one is now with me-
I looked up at the darkening sky and saw

a group of birds flying home towards the South
These birds know how to stay together
they do not  fight  and do not bother  
All day they may stay far and away
but evening sees them all  collect to gather

My birthday came and went and I felt happy
at seeing the black birds flight to the end  
and I remembered the Nightingale, who sang
and I sang lightly too-somewhere I heard the tune
Happy Birthday To You-I was not alone
My birthday came and went-
Heaven its Greetings had sent.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ 7

Seven Sleepers of The Cave
Seven faithful believers....

If Love and peace would prevail
in this world full of beating hearts
warm feelings filling the eyes
with tenderness pouring from the skies
who would ever think of committing
a sin,
not one nor two nor seven,
All would be in
for Heaven-

Seven Sleepers of The Cave
Seven faithful believers-

The Earth grows green gold
sweet honey abounds
even if we eat it all still
there is more and more
till the winter and the Fall
So let not anger envy or pride
make us greedy slow and hide
all good behind lust
for dust we are and
shall return to dust
So all these sins seven
can be conquered by eleven-

Let us remember
That which will raise our score
The Laws of The Almighty,
Words of Our Dear Guide-
‘Listen, Pray,  Go and sin no more’

Sunday, January 4, 2015

For POETS UNITED Poetry Pantry # 233 ~ Mountains of Makhad ~

Have We not made the earth as a bed, and the mountains as pegs? [Noble Quran 78:6-7]

In a flash -like on angel's wings
smooth on the road the wheels
did spin
moving on through avenues
bordered by elegant trees
we flew
to the grandeur of Makhad
mountains brown  'as pegs'
head to head, conical sloping
supporting valleys
protecting with stony strength
bordering fields of  mustard

makes peace in spirit and in
there is The Quiet The Presence
in mountains is the secret essence
till the Last Day
there is no sudd of the Nile
mountains shield the land
the lifeblood of Makhad

and so we stood, protected
we felt 
in the valley of the North
in the Mountains of Makhad'

Thursday, January 1, 2015

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ 'Get Listed Final for 2014 ' ~ Embraced in Light ~

waltzing on the melodious
music, feather like, rising
gliding, I am embraced by
The Light bright white pure
The One Power for sure

The Earth is All Bed
Sky all dome, a roof
shining in the day
glittering at night-
to show Us, the way of
The One Power for sure

Boundless infinity oceanic
no end in sight,timeless,
and we mortals in oblivion
think about being en-gloved
The One Power for sure

we shall in cool shadows be
with obedience and charity
for good we did in year past
what good we do now to last
               for love of
The One Power for sure

Who made thee from a drop?
who gave thy skill to write
eyes to see thy heart to feel
thy bed to lie sleep and rest?
The One Power for sure

the never ending water
cycling fresh blessings
warming steam to vapors
relieving all depressings
The One Power for sure

I pray with Hope for All
Peace Love n Equalize
with far away now The Fall
only with Truth shall we rise
           Forgiven by
The One Power for The Right

Embraced in Eternal Heavenly Light

Words given by IGWRT
music, few, grip, feather, glove, steam, embrace, rise, fall, water, shadow, bed