Thursday, January 1, 2015

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ 'Get Listed Final for 2014 ' ~ Embraced in Light ~

waltzing on the melodious
music, feather like, rising
gliding, I am embraced by
The Light bright white pure
The One Power for sure

The Earth is All Bed
Sky all dome, a roof
shining in the day
glittering at night-
to show Us, the way of
The One Power for sure

Boundless infinity oceanic
no end in sight,timeless,
and we mortals in oblivion
think about being en-gloved
The One Power for sure

we shall in cool shadows be
with obedience and charity
for good we did in year past
what good we do now to last
               for love of
The One Power for sure

Who made thee from a drop?
who gave thy skill to write
eyes to see thy heart to feel
thy bed to lie sleep and rest?
The One Power for sure

the never ending water
cycling fresh blessings
warming steam to vapors
relieving all depressings
The One Power for sure

I pray with Hope for All
Peace Love n Equalize
with far away now The Fall
only with Truth shall we rise
           Forgiven by
The One Power for The Right

Embraced in Eternal Heavenly Light

Words given by IGWRT
music, few, grip, feather, glove, steam, embrace, rise, fall, water, shadow, bed


  1. These are very positive thoughts for the years ahead. Your repetition creates impact in the poem.

  2. Such strong belief, faith that the one creator surrounds, ennables, frees and protects you. Staying in this loving center bodes well for your new year.

  3. Thank you Dr Susan...He is The All Knowing All Wise Creator...Most Merciful Oft Forgiving To Him belong All things in all the universe.Our belief is in Him as One Allah.We ask Him for everything as He Knows Best...Subhan Allah ...