Saturday, March 28, 2015

For Hyde Park Poetry Palace ~ The Ant The Spider and The Bee ~

Thank you Hyde Park Poetry Palace

I nominate Amrit Sinha and Alison Sandberg

The ant the spider and the bee I wonder which is best of the three
If I see the qualities of the insects three, all are unique company
each created superb in structure form color shape and ability
All three have the sting, a security weapon against 
the enemy
the ant has a hill the spider a web, and hive is
 for the bee
all three industrious, restless, focused, 
productive in unity
a pleasure to observe, a treasure to know, 
a gift to enjoy
Nature creates miracles for the benefit 
of mankind, a pity
If spiders ants and bees are killed, no honey,
 a cause to cry;
I wonder if I were an ant what a tiny creature 
I would be
Even if I were a spider, even then very frail and 
thin I would be
Ah but if I were a bee, then I would be
strongest of the three
Then perhaps I choose to be not a spider, ant,
 but rather a bee'

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

For POETICS ~ dVerse ~ Winds of March ~ An Icy Embrace

the moment we stepped 
outside the glass door
Lo we met , face to face

an icy embrace

sending shivers deep inside
coat collar rolled up,tight
pushed back against the tide

an icy embrace

we kept walking slowly
unseen force engulfed
pulled controlled coldly

an icy embrace

someone cried 'O Jesus'
and I knew how cold he
felt, as he bowed and knelt

to the icy embrace

O Aeolus thou wast kind
but Sleep conquered mind
Greed left All Good behind

an icy embrace

man must know this
is the best unseen gift
Nature's Power to uplift

Life in an icy embrace

cold or warm it is good
wind it is as understood
fly sail breathe,no falsehood


an icy embrace

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NAPOWRIMO ~ 2015 ~ Universal Peace



Now, all, certain

Aims and

Poems, about and

Of, forms ideas and

Words, to shape and trace

Right and tight

In line, tone and rhyme,in

Mind heart and soul

On love courage and Universal Peace

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bomb Blasts .15 ..And then there is....

Bomb blasts sudden screams
and then there is blood
shattered dreams
screams and more screams
sirens blare, vans scare 
guards stare , police ...where?

And then there is a report
and a media camera port
a shot a witness some words

And then there is the 'condemnation'
the sympathetic leaders of the nation
some cash announcement compensation

and then there is a conference
and more of a committee
find out the facts what happened

And then there is ....nothing
victims crying moaning
Death reigning rampaging

And then there is a demand
increase security put up walls
get barbed wires stay in halls

and then there is silence...
Catch and Punish the Criminal
Root out  Cause Make Effective Law 

And then there is silence....

Saturday, March 14, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ A Man's Day ~ Why of Mankind ~

Created in the best of molds
In His own image, human,varied-
strength Herculean, spirit of all
sacrifice extremely  supreme

The Chosen Guide The Taught
by the Pen 'which he knew not'
yet, he stumbled when he saw
and forgot what was cold n raw'

what a piece of work -what kind?
why of mankind', procrastinator
hasty' 'wanting to be King' and
Emperor of the World, soul seller?

Father so loving to banish a daughter
causing wars and a nation's slaughter
blind with sight to marry a queen
traced Tess behind the bush,green?

used his mind to defeat monsters
apply solutions to tricky situations
invented rockets, journeyed to stars
landed on the moon, aiming for Mars

 man the great creation of the universe
responsible for work and for the purse
braving the magic and the curse
rises  with good -pushing back,worse

still man is blamed for all the wars
who can ask 'is man a strange omen?
I may say with All praise to Him
man cannot live without a woman'

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

For CREATIVE PEN Proboard ~ Spring Poetry Competition ~ Tender Touches of Spring ~

slight shivering still persists
feet feel cold and numb
lethargy engulfs spirit n soul
mind remains fuzzily dumb

hazy hiding behind clouds
sun seems to be in doubt
wait' don't shine out and out
buds dream wonder about

is it time? for whites to go?
is it warm for green to show?
oh the snow hail n snow
is not willing yet, to 'let go'

few days ago birds did twitter
early morn chat tweet n twitter
Winter furious' slashed again
glared flashed n sent down rain

Nature sets a time for all
nothing comes before the Call
Nothing rises before a Fall,'tis
better to bow, than stand up tall;

Nature has variety Nature is kind
Summer or Winter, Oh I hear
the Koel sing ...Come Hear' feel...
Can Spring be far behind?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

For Brenda's Wordle ~ 201 ~ Inside A Circle ~

Inside a circle, which
man says he invented 
whereas later it was found
that the whole world was round

and all life evolved revolved 
moved with weightless weight
even if you walked straight
you would reach the same gate

no names highlighted 
no ghosts sighted
emptiness bred fear and sounds of
wildly roaming flesh and blood
just howls and howls in flood
no dark veins no sharp teeth
all are same in skin beneath
through out in up or
down under or above 
 the circle is complete

lay the table dear my friends
will be here soon before noon
passing for The Ring on to
The Lord The Wizard of Oz
 Master Pencil The Great Thoth
who invented writing and magic
set the table for the great Wordle

I can hear the scratching drawing
on the granite outside and the wheee'
of the ancient whistle the rustle of 
the quick epistle for Dame or Thisbee
antiquity or modernity -connected
we are with letters and words
using hands and fingers on the
now on electricity facility

All inside -The Circle

Friday, March 6, 2015

Theme Thursday March 5 -2015 ~ Distance ~ I Never Felt The Distance Before ~

I never felt the distance before      
    Nor sensed the silence in the room,    
    I never missed the familiar footstep      
    Nor the clutching click of the door;       
            Now often I think I hear      
        The soft burr of your bike       
       Rolling, whirring in the lane

The lifting flick of the gate way latch
And the 'tick tick' on the window pane;

At times I see you on the prayer mat
Or in your writing chair;
Where you would sit for hours on end
To read and write and note and plan,
And from time to time
Would turn around, to
A friendly chat;
And now I know why God made sons
Why faith and peace is strong,
When love is true and distances long,
No absence can ever break the bond;
And now I know
How one so close, can be so far away,
No one can show, no one can wait
To stop and pat and wipe your tears away;
My son My dear, in distant land
You are with me, each day
As when I first held your hand
You first opened your eyes,
And tried to say…."Aye"
Time moved on and time moves on
Time is just fair
My son My dear, in another land,
You are not here ….
You left the footsteps in the sand;
I know… I wake up with a start,
You are forever in my heart;
Your helmet heavy in your hand,
I see you, standing there.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

FOR Poetry Pantry #242~ For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ A Woman's Day ~ 'Know Yourself ~

created sacred beguiled abused
ordered bound accused excused
what woman's day means to her
she thought
what nights will make her scream
Day is work no escape
Night 'Love? No' Rape..
fears and fears of rape
drugged missing real or fake?

should she think of women famous?
those who are seen on history pages?

should she think of those unseen
pushed kicked thrown in cages?

 mothers and daughters in frustration
yet manage homes and serve nations

should she honor the saintly ones
who were obedient ordained 
should she mention those half
widows, widows of genocide
chained enslaved in perpetual pain?

or those maids forced to labour
or those who hold kids while 
parents dine and perhaps wine'
whom should she call 'mine'
standing serving  morn til nine-

and there are families royal
to the people crown so loyal
loved honored seen by all
that is not all.....

so many names graceful glorified
history remembers all sacrificed
she thought...cannot pick one or two
one in white covered one in blue-
East or West old or new...Oh

Athena' Wise One Help' if only I knew

What Greater Expectations than
Great Expectations, like Madam
Miss Havisham,
embedded secluded, on dusty
wooden gilded throne,
behind cobwebbed curtains,
Majestic Marvel, First Created,
Sacred, now rests transfixed
in false reprehensions,
As scattered clouds scan
and search terrestial to
celestial dimensions 
blinking intermittant flashes
Only to find twisted torments
blood filled swamps,
whirring swarms of discontents
amidst seas of colorfully placed flowers,

Supreme Sopranos burnt to ashes.
disfigured by acid or for some their
life snubbed out in tubs
Celebrating Woman's Day
If I may say..till woman gets 
real respect and love
may she stay protected and covered

Who will empower her? She herself '
fighting for freedom education
identity deliberately unrecognized-
in this land or that
it is in her own hand 

Be respectful to get respect and love
know yourself and your right
once buried alive at birth-now
Read about who you are -don't fight

may you be peacefully safe
and be forever Blessed from Heaven Above


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie ~ Photo Challenge #50 -Twister– March 3, 2015 ~ With Unmeasured Steps ~

With unmeasured steps
breaking twigs,overturning stones
stretching muscles, aching bones
at last I find a backrest
O Gracious Nature
Thou art peacefully calm
pure glassy watery balm
soothing my soul at best
Who else is here?
But You and I
Unseen in seen sphere presence
 in the the buzz of a fly

But then tranquility cruelly
pierced shattered disturbed
emerges twisting rolling rising
angrily wanting to sweep all!

Retracing with measured steps
my spirit feels so
wither have I spent time
waiting wanting wishing
watching sunsets...
wanting rainbows 
wishing by stars?

O Twister can you wait?
Hold on awhile, it's late
there may not be time to live
but there is always a moment
to smile love and forgive. 

Photo : Margalla Sunset 
By Anjum Wasim Dar