Friday, March 6, 2015

Theme Thursday March 5 -2015 ~ Distance ~ I Never Felt The Distance Before ~

I never felt the distance before      
    Nor sensed the silence in the room,    
    I never missed the familiar footstep      
    Nor the clutching click of the door;       
            Now often I think I hear      
        The soft burr of your bike       
       Rolling, whirring in the lane

The lifting flick of the gate way latch
And the 'tick tick' on the window pane;

At times I see you on the prayer mat
Or in your writing chair;
Where you would sit for hours on end
To read and write and note and plan,
And from time to time
Would turn around, to
A friendly chat;
And now I know why God made sons
Why faith and peace is strong,
When love is true and distances long,
No absence can ever break the bond;
And now I know
How one so close, can be so far away,
No one can show, no one can wait
To stop and pat and wipe your tears away;
My son My dear, in distant land
You are with me, each day
As when I first held your hand
You first opened your eyes,
And tried to say…."Aye"
Time moved on and time moves on
Time is just fair
My son My dear, in another land,
You are not here ….
You left the footsteps in the sand;
I know… I wake up with a start,
You are forever in my heart;
Your helmet heavy in your hand,
I see you, standing there.


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