Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Summer Solstice ~ The Earth Stands Still ~

The Earth stands still while we say tis the Sun up all day,
shining stronger getting hotter come what may, who 
can put a shade across tis not a car that you drive in 
so you can cover the windscreen and block the heat-

how days become long and nights become short,when
the heart is heavy and grief is strong,when blood spills
spurts spreads and flows,strange power shows,slows
time dragging it to a still point,Earth seems stilled-

as is the breath of a loved one,who feels the heat or cold
when guns are sold to all,the license to shoot and kill
is handed as protection,who is protecting who is killing?
 acceptance and non-acceptance is in the inner will'

Unreal cities,unreal people, so unlike what we expect
War war and again war-when will it end,terror strikes
Shelter is scarce, fashion abounds and all is a show off! 
young dead glorified on the mini screen,dying for respect

for what now? half the barren land, minerals in ranges?
the enemy changed and we thought ’this is Right-
People crowd the roads , daily beggars  are children
and who said ‘we shall have enough, and peace”?

Mountains are dangerous, no rocks will give shelter,
there is no water, nor wells a waste it becomes, filth 
in the drains overflowing and  the big man’ said’ 
we have worked hard’but mountains will not protect;

Truth is linked, Faith is strong,the day is long
It will not be long when the shadow will turn to
Light and the darkness will go,the heat will flow 
to coolness,the night will have time more and slow-

Summer is welcome in half the world,while half
is cursing  hating the bitterness of hail and snow 
If it be desert go in the shadow of the mountain 
it is dark cool and safe,the enemy will not know;

welcome cool drinks and lemonade,if its hot
remember the cold,if it is cold think of the heat
it is for a while the change appears,before we know
it is gone away same speed, we say fast,some say slow....

Yet when Summer is at its peak, it is the last streak
call it D-Day-6th or 21st it will not stay, soon,though
not before taking its toll of hundreds or thousands
deliberately sent to death or called by nature, Lets go'

Sunday, June 21, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #257 ~From Fire to Blood ~ O' Peace Fly Back ~

Peace is not in the flying bird
as it is disturbed itself,seeking cool branches to perch
as April showers sprinkle, disappear before touching
the parched Earth,leaves,pets petals, and humans-

sprouting tiny greens,bare branches receive the far apart drizzle
did snow suddenly surprise us or the red heat? someone stepped
on peace, stealth and guile sheathed, went on in half daylight
so we should have known,Emperors of Ice Creams

Not long when I was a child,crossed barbed wires,across borders
in camp for two nights, wonder how Mother felt and held us? Tight
then on we came to the green hills, and I knew not,was it refuge ?
or a new land a home of peace-how attained?what was left with enemy-

where are the roots that make a family,out of the masses who survived
you cannot guess,for I have seen only images and heard broken voices
who lost half the thought in trying not to remember,bodies cut slain in fields
why we laughed sang,then we cried silently in pain, in the remains

And the stories continued,told and retold as lands were sold,rivers ran dry
who will care? Who cares? walking shadows drifting falling,dark hordes
seeking failing -and we were so innocent playing games,jumping ropes
reading white and blue and all colors fresh-so we should have known

slavery is not dead,which song is stilled which bird is killed,the eagle
perched how high it flies,its destination the skies-only the discerning eye
can see,only the desiring heart can feel,'of mans first disobedience' we
should know we should have known,so come under the shade,pray and be safe

Friday, June 12, 2015

Mindlovemiserysmenagerie ~ Photo Challenge #64, Pathway, June 09, 2015 ~ A While, In A Forest ~

        Restless, unable to sleep, watching occasional passing shadows on the walls, a truck heavily loaded,pulling its way, the groaning continuous hum saying all about the overload,or maybe it was the ditchy road.
'What is it that disturbs? the darkness? the silence? the sudden far away barking of the stray dog...seeingstrangers or spirits? or the conscience? 

       Thoughts hovered covered the mind as time slipped and ticked by...drowsiness overpowered ...but a sudden snapping sound woke my soul. 'What was that? I ? The eyes were blinded with the powerful bright light ..right ahead..slowly   awareness dawned of thick trees,they were lined up on both sides of the path, the trees were like  strong sturdy guards ...Alice in Wonderland..this is my Wonderland..

       The Hycinian Forest...'Yes you have reached the place of your stories'..a voice seemed to say...step carefully on the leaves in your path' they are covered with special ash'...'what is this'? 'a number on a tree? and then 'all the trees have a number must be some code...' the trees are dark , no black' no dark brown...just then a silhoutte of a horse appeared right in came closer...there was no rider...'is it from the Lord of The Rings? 'No....the Light grew stronger as the breath of the horse grew closer and warmer...'have never sat on a horse' ...whose horse is it ? Blackolor Barks,Brownies,Parrots feathers,..
'No Lion lives here' No Tigers' Nor there is ..but ash...and now ...The Black Diamond Gate...All the secrets of the forest are....the horse turned, soft silky tail lashed across ....the eyes first closed and then....

And then..zroom zuzz zzuzz  zroom oommm .....the heavily loaded truck was still passing by..

Photo Credit: Oer Wout

Thursday, June 11, 2015

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Time ~ Changes Tell Us The Time ~

Changes Tell Us the Time
 years that passed,
 months that were happy and decent,
 days we believe were recent
moments sad and terrifying;

Changes Tell Us the Time –

So much is lost- which I called mine;
 laughter, giggles and  shrieks-
 silent heads down and 'stand in line',
 innocent pensive silences,
 standing and talking against fences,

Changes Tell Us the Time,

In moments captured in pictures,
outlook fronts and fixtures
black and white color mixtures,

Changes Tell Us the Time

Ah, Changes tell us the innocent
unknowing mistakes we made
How much a symbol inspired
caused pain in the shade?

Changes Tell Us- Its Time,

Age, Beauty that must fade

O' Innocent One, 
 for I fear inside
For my errors and sins,
 I am paying and  have paid.

Changes Tell Us....