Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Summer Solstice ~ The Earth Stands Still ~

The Earth stands still while we say tis the Sun up all day,
shining stronger getting hotter come what may, who 
can put a shade across tis not a car that you drive in 
so you can cover the windscreen and block the heat-

how days become long and nights become short,when
the heart is heavy and grief is strong,when blood spills
spurts spreads and flows,strange power shows,slows
time dragging it to a still point,Earth seems stilled-

as is the breath of a loved one,who feels the heat or cold
when guns are sold to all,the license to shoot and kill
is handed as protection,who is protecting who is killing?
 acceptance and non-acceptance is in the inner will'

Unreal cities,unreal people, so unlike what we expect
War war and again war-when will it end,terror strikes
Shelter is scarce, fashion abounds and all is a show off! 
young dead glorified on the mini screen,dying for respect

for what now? half the barren land, minerals in ranges?
the enemy changed and we thought ’this is Right-
People crowd the roads , daily beggars  are children
and who said ‘we shall have enough, and peace”?

Mountains are dangerous, no rocks will give shelter,
there is no water, nor wells a waste it becomes, filth 
in the drains overflowing and  the big man’ said’ 
we have worked hard’but mountains will not protect;

Truth is linked, Faith is strong,the day is long
It will not be long when the shadow will turn to
Light and the darkness will go,the heat will flow 
to coolness,the night will have time more and slow-

Summer is welcome in half the world,while half
is cursing  hating the bitterness of hail and snow 
If it be desert go in the shadow of the mountain 
it is dark cool and safe,the enemy will not know;

welcome cool drinks and lemonade,if its hot
remember the cold,if it is cold think of the heat
it is for a while the change appears,before we know
it is gone away same speed, we say fast,some say slow....

Yet when Summer is at its peak, it is the last streak
call it D-Day-6th or 21st it will not stay, soon,though
not before taking its toll of hundreds or thousands
deliberately sent to death or called by nature, Lets go'


  1. This poem takes me everywhere--up and down and to heat and cool, but it never strays from the truth of the death and decay all around us as a fact of life--war or nature calls, torture or decay and deprivation. This Is a comprehensive and overwhelming poem. I'd love to hear you read it.

  2. Thank you Dr Susan May Allah give me the opportunity and enable me to do so amen

  3. A heartfelt piece.. such intense images..!

  4. beautiful flow of lines so rhythmically and i second Susan :)

  5. Yes, life is confrontational! And the seasons keep turning....

  6. Thank you Sanaa Sumana and Rosemary

  7. The ferocity of heat and suffocation of endless battles really chimes throughout this piece..

  8. This really feels as a call to social activism through helping others survive the seasonal extremes.

  9. This is planetary poem, calling to our consciousness, power to join the nature forces to bring the world in balance..Wow! The lines flow is remarkable! You're at your best!

    1. Thank you So Much 'humbird' I am honored and feel greatly encouraged Alhamdolilah

  10. This is a powerful piece, a call to action, an anthem for change.

    1. Thank you Mr Alan for your kind encouraging words.It is an honor.

  11. I wonder oftentimes, where do we start? There are so many problems in this world - wars and more wars. Your poem is a wake-up call to humanity.

  12. Your poems, like this one, are so full of emotion and passion. They are powerful because they are so sincere, like a mother's scream to protect her children. I join you in that scream. I hope we are loud enough.