Friday, June 12, 2015

Mindlovemiserysmenagerie ~ Photo Challenge #64, Pathway, June 09, 2015 ~ A While, In A Forest ~

        Restless, unable to sleep, watching occasional passing shadows on the walls, a truck heavily loaded,pulling its way, the groaning continuous hum saying all about the overload,or maybe it was the ditchy road.
'What is it that disturbs? the darkness? the silence? the sudden far away barking of the stray dog...seeingstrangers or spirits? or the conscience? 

       Thoughts hovered covered the mind as time slipped and ticked by...drowsiness overpowered ...but a sudden snapping sound woke my soul. 'What was that? I ? The eyes were blinded with the powerful bright light ..right ahead..slowly   awareness dawned of thick trees,they were lined up on both sides of the path, the trees were like  strong sturdy guards ...Alice in Wonderland..this is my Wonderland..

       The Hycinian Forest...'Yes you have reached the place of your stories'..a voice seemed to say...step carefully on the leaves in your path' they are covered with special ash'...'what is this'? 'a number on a tree? and then 'all the trees have a number must be some code...' the trees are dark , no black' no dark brown...just then a silhoutte of a horse appeared right in came closer...there was no rider...'is it from the Lord of The Rings? 'No....the Light grew stronger as the breath of the horse grew closer and warmer...'have never sat on a horse' ...whose horse is it ? Blackolor Barks,Brownies,Parrots feathers,..
'No Lion lives here' No Tigers' Nor there is ..but ash...and now ...The Black Diamond Gate...All the secrets of the forest are....the horse turned, soft silky tail lashed across ....the eyes first closed and then....

And then..zroom zuzz zzuzz  zroom oommm .....the heavily loaded truck was still passing by..

Photo Credit: Oer Wout


  1. This felt as though it should be read in a whisper.....great.

  2. How mystical and mysterious this is wow, I was completely captivated I think my mouth was even hanging open lol


  3. Thank you Amber I am glad the lines proved effective. I enjoyed writing on this lovely prompt, perhaps will develop a longer story