Friday, October 23, 2015

Peace Series ~ Seeking Peace ~~ Peace With Father ~

I still recall the moments

when I sat up in bed,I was crying

for how long? I do not know,no one came

for quite some time, perhaps because it was

in the late hours of  night-

I was hardly four or five

playing more and eating less-

I was crying for food

I guess…

and then he was by my side-

Father sat patted and said
,’what’s the matter dear?

is it something that you fear?

Its not the cold nor heat nor pain,

its hunger you need something to eat…

And so I still feel the taste so sweet

delicious to the root,full juicy was the

tinned mixed fruit…

Father opened the can right there

made me eat with love and care

what else so ready could he get,as

I felt hungry in the middle of the night…

No sooner had I eaten

when all tears were forgotten

I was overtaken by peace

and fell off into a very deep sleep.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

For ~ Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Teacher, One Who Teaches ~ If I Am A Teacher '

File:Alabama quarter, reverse side, 2003.jpg

If I am a Teacher
One who teaches-
My walk and talk should show
My vision of where to go
In the future-
My work should prove
My mission to improve
The learners
The beginners
The misled

I believe that our spirits
are not yet dead;

Just at moments odd I feel
Have I failed
The Message
To reveal?

The mist still floats 
At times with the breeze
Descends amidst the trees
Is it here to stay
Or is it to warn us
Of The Way?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Series ~ Seeking Peace ~ Peace Is Not In A Crystal Jar ~

It may shine sparkle and tinkle

make you smile with each look

how much did it cost how much

did you pay, just to smile and say

to the silent ‘unravished glass’-what

makes you shine? what myriads of

dust particles you hold as treasure?

what skillful hands gave you your shape

and made you so grand?

But fear engulfs me when I touch you

how smooth and firm and yet so fragile

you are- a  careless slip and transformed

you are, in  a thousand pieces,scattered

the eyes make crystals as they too join them

O Thou reflector of transparency,mirroring

life, seeing through the thin veil…unlike the flesh

feeling less, what beauty lies within the cold glass

None’ but vacant emptiness…momentary pleasure

one glance chance …what scars of life you show

No color ,,,for colors bring joy and joy brings peace

Look away, it is not here, I will break soon and not

shine, stay away for in my cuts and beauty lies

deathlike blood…

Pray do not love me nor place me high

but look at the stars that shine in the sky

There is truth up there….where there is truth

seek true peace…there..

Peace is not in a crystal jar….

Friday, October 2, 2015

Series ~ Seeking Peace ~Walking On Land I Felt ~

Walking on land I felt the need to hold

onto some bar to tip toe across the discolored

spread flowing from afar, not a stream but just a flow

Walking on land I felt the need to place

a piece of cloth against my nose,to block the pungent smell

rising from the flow, one cannot tell from where else…

Walking on land I felt the need to look down lest

I bumped my foot and fell like a clown

and spoil my washed dress and safely kept shoes

but walking on this land I knew who made it so

full of mud and stones and filth, perhaps it was the same

bag I had thrown or handed over to the dustboy ‘kooray wala’

or many people drink the same tea brand as I,eat the same

biscuits and bread-who can say who spread the onion and

potato peels…

then one day I walked on another land among the trees

on a hillside where pine trees stood tall,so graceful and green

and clean,the pine needles were all over the place, serene

and neat and smelling pleasantly sweet…

and as I walked I felt the quiet and the peace…

Thursday, October 1, 2015

FOR ~ SEPIA SATURDAY 284 ~ 20TH JUNE 2015 ~ Type Writer Fascination and Unforgettable Surprise Gifts ~

I finally found this photograph and so here is my contribution for SEPIA SATURDAY

 I was told that 'articles had to be typed' (in the 1970s) to be valid for submission to local newspapers and magazines so I started looking for a type writer ...computers were hidden somewhere in fog and mist, then I also discovered that the price  was much more than my small budget,still my love of writing kept up my morale.Long Live The Love of father knowing my hearts desire gave me the most wonderful unforgettable surprise of my life ,when he asked me to come over..'I have something for you' and that was never ending till the last day of his life.He always had a pocketful of the most lovable gifts something we had just mentioned ...and so it was this..a beautiful Olympia typewriter with a sleek black elegant cover. 
    My articles were accepted from then on....Thank you Father for setting and supporting me on the writing journey...It was all because of your love
    In the photograph my grandchildren are enjoying the writing instrument,excited by the sounds the ticking and the tapping and the thrill of moving the page set...a useful past time when electricity is off for long hours...going back in time but these inventions are precious.