Thursday, November 5, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Tranquility ~ Tranquility is Divine ~

Tranquility is Divine 
It cannot be found in a line
of roses guarded by thorns nor in a forest
replete with trees, and then
If I were a leaf ,tender would be the twig
unstable would be the branch,
swinging to and fro with the breeze,
tense in breath fragile in heart,on a pine
graceful and tall,one day would be 
The Fall
Tranquility is Divine

Tranquility is Divine
neither yours nor mine
in water sailing, flying in the sky
freely gathering  hail and snow
in the clouds up and down 
thick and thin light and dark,as they
go-yet obedient to  command 
to shade and cool to flood and flush
to pour life in living things
as they try to grow

Tranquility is Divine
in celestial spaces in starry graces
floating in distances ordained, 
staying within bounds
keeping eternal rounds
in time and light,reflected
to entertain and guide
glittering twinkling what joy
they bring,breaking the darkness
within,in silence they shine
away and far from the ground



then is in every breath

in every soul spirit on Earth

on every star sun or galaxy

a name for peace and ataraxy

Now we know it is but peace

calmness silence and serenity

it is in motion slow n steady

planned focused in regularity

it is in patience 'n simplicity

in grace n mercy n generosity

it is giving n serving the needy

why do we seek it then is the question

why there is love less and killing more

we ourselves have made a hatred galore

principles of good life we always ignore


  1. I think this poem may be my favorite of yours....ever. First of all, I do think that the only true tranquility IS that of the 'divine,' however we define it. Your poem has given so many beautifully flowing examples. And indeed we as humans must stop all the killing & live with more love!

  2. You make your case here that tranquility can be found easily if we turn to God, and you do that beautifully. Everything depends on turning to God I am learning.

    1. That is the truth Dr Susan He made us-we love and obey Him -one step towards Him He takes ten towards Us Alhamdolilah

  3. in celestial spaces in starry graces
    floating in distances ordained,
    staying within bounds
    keeping eternal rounds

    Beautiful lines :D great write!

  4. A wonderful response to the prompt. I especially like "if I were a leaf, tender would be the twig."