Monday, February 29, 2016

On Waking I Found A Day

I woke up at nine
only to find
no electric current in line
but at least the laptop 
had light,made my day
more bright,happy and
I could wish someone else
too to Have a nice day'
and a Happy Birthday'
Thinking of you in
this quietude while some
are crying,some relieved at
a hanging within time
yesterday gone had its own
fears of discipline and the
but we should know
we should have known'
and so no one can call
a day or a moment
your own your very own

Thursday, February 11, 2016

~ It Will Never Be.....

It will never be peaceful until we talk about making peace.

It will never prevail until we make ourselves calm

It will never be the way of stillness until we practice

It will never become tolerant until we share

It will never be quiet until we speak well

It will never be until we learn values of goodness…

It will all keep moving rolling turning into a mess