Tuesday, July 26, 2016

~ For Brenda's Wordle ~ 258 ~ Oceans Have No Borders'

vast boundless is the ocean 
sending in endless tidal waves small
and strong, fast and soothing
when the feet are wet one feels
like under a spell ...
but what is this spell? 
who sends this comforting call ?
Look! Look again as far as the eye
takes you, no end will you see
nor a break nor a branch nor 
a spin' who holds the boundless cup
filled so blue and filled always
so true,no spin no spell
coming in free, giving life well
as creatures dive and rise up...
swim float eat in their liquid
enriched world'
what trip can man make? sail
and race,dive and swim same
as creatures deep down
but no this is not for him
First life in water born,water is 
death,as he may drown
same water grave for many-
strange spell stranger smell,
smell ? can anyone smell life?
sinking sliding descending to
the bed,rotting dead,dissolved
rusted, some for admonition
some for travel..so make a trip
strong faith strong vessel seek
the truth search the oceans...
you will not meet any borders...

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