Thursday, September 8, 2016

For POETS UNITED ~Midweek Motif ~ Bloom ~

unaware yet cautious
protection visible
in a masked thorn

smile on the side
why so quiet in repose
love embodied
profound yet in
complete solitude

few moments in time
when no words
formed sweet sounds
love’s intense symphony

and in two souls
silently merged
as emotions touched
and distance

the rose plucked
surrendered to
the hand that controlled
gave colorful scent

that its Destiny meant

Falsity, Thy Name is ...

I wished...
To go, to a place, just outside not far from home
I looked around there was no one, no one
to go with me...
I wished
there would be one,but I knew not who,from home
Its Ok! so I sat on the steps of the porch
and saw the sky so blue
so clean,not a speck or a crack or a line
till a bird floated across
leaving no trace or shade
then pieces of soft wool white and grey
floated silently, happily moving on the way,
changing shapes all along
singing a silent song
of peace in the air,just and fair,
how happiness floods in the soul
as truth manifests as so common so rare

and now I do not wish to go
but stay,for this is the truth that I need to know
if my faith is strong,the path is straight
No Falsehood is encountered  
I am good the place I am...
The peace is in me,the place,  in my heart
I need no start,no road,no way
when all the world through the eyes in the
mind and heart is all  around
Falsity thou hath betrayed -
So let us stay you and I and pray to
and praise the One  ,who made The Truth
and the Boundless beautiful amazing sky                                                                      

Friday, September 2, 2016

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Conquest' - I Came, I Saw,I Wrote ~ What Was Conquered? Conversations With An Unseen Confidant ~ 2016


      One sunny morning after a quick breakfast 
     of hot tea with toasted bread and omelette 
     we set off to the Green  Hills, 
so close,so peaceful,so purifying so serene
so I am falling...falling short of words, 
so I will just fall in step 
the green KIA Classic,now quite used to
 become a ready-for-action,family friendly,
 performance inspired vehicle pulling itself
 comfortably  up the curvy road
allowing the guide to steer it to the top. 

Slowly the four wheeled green among the greens 
curved as the road turned twisted and went winding, 
till there was no road...we had reached the top..
amazing peace ,incredibly sweet scented pines,
needles carpeted the small open spaces
between the tall elegant graceful trees-
sturdy solid and powerful like Life Guards
fixed in the ground studded with large
and small boulders. 
Quietude could be felt. 

This, a conquest? a wish to be in serenity
 peaceful cool without fear or terror.
There are such places on this beautiful Earth.
If only we seek move and search...if only....

Great soldiers brave and bold came saw and conquered
rode over plains and hills,fought and killed and felt honored...
'Ah but that is not the real conquest' O peace seeker'
Oh who is this?  then what is pray let me know
Now that you have found and heard the voice of my soul'
'Listen,it is the power within you, in your inner self
the Power of Faith,the power of Will over Desire'
Let not your desires rule over your self'
'Who is a great conqueror then?
One who is able to control emotions,anger and hate
One who has learnt to serve others,with patience and love
One who has learnt to obey the Truth,the duties of real life
Above All One who has learnt that Giving and Forgiving'
leads to serenity green, eternal bliss ...
where are Alexander the Great Pharoah Ozmandias 
and King Odysseus of Ithica- so many more? 
What did they conquer? They came they saw they fought'
Others came saw wondered and wondered,pieces of metal
they found in sand and stone,the Conquering  Kings wore...
and all was history...all will be will be brown
Then all was silent.
I turned...I saw the trees, 'these will stay...I have to go'
My spirit free...a conquest of my self ...I wrote...
as raindrops turned into falling snow...